It’s a seductive sport that’s one-part fishing, one-part indulging in nature’s bliss.

Fly-fishing’s glory is best experienced after learning some basic techniques and explanations for how the whole captivating process works, which is the creed behind the 48th Annual Trout Unlimited Fly-Fishing School, set for June 8-10, at Ranch Rudolf, along the Boardman River southeast of Traverse City.

The school is a three-day, two-night seminar and non-profit event overseen by the Michigan Council of Trout Unlimited, part of a national conservation organization dedicated to protecting and enjoying America’s fisheries.

The school’s instructors are Trout Unlimited members who have at least 10 years of teaching proficiency and who donate their time during a program that generally features a ratio of four students to one educator.

Instructional levels vary, from beginner to advanced, and cover all facets of fly-fishing, with emphasis on casting techniques. Lectures and demonstrations include a variety of topics: tackle and knots, entomology (insects and life stages), fly-tying, and wading.

All essential tackle is provided by the school, which features a Friday check-in and early Sunday afternoon departure. Rods, reels, lines, flies – all equipment apart from waders and rain gear is available. Meals also are included, from Friday lunch through Sunday’s farewell lunch.

Prices run from $421 to $792, depending upon the level sought and if single- or double-occupancy rooms are desired. Spousal discounts also are offered.

Additional information can be obtained at the school’s website: Or by calling school coordinator Scott Smith at 517-442-2926. Or, by e-mail: