Voice of DCFC frosts tips (seriously) for charity

Tony Paul
The Detroit News

Neal Ruhl is a child of the 1990s.

But he missed out on one fad — frosting the tips. So, now, he’s making up for lost time.

“My wife,” Ruhl said with a laugh, “is very unimpressed, by the way.”

The voice of the Detroit City FC made a deal with the soccer team’s hardcore fans: If they could raise $500 for the Special Olympics of Michigan, then he would frost his tips for Saturday’s match against Chattanooga FC at Keyworth Stadium.

It took the Northern Guard fan base about two hours to send him to the stylist, and they’re still raising cash, closing in one $1,000 in a little over one day.

So Ruhl, a man of his word, called up his sister, a licensed cosmetologist. And she did the honors. Sort of.

“She told me I had resisted hair, which I guess is a thing,” said Ruhl, also the voice of Oakland men’s basketball. “It doesn’t take color. It refuses to take color, so it’s not like a bleach blond. It’s a little bit darker. It’ll seem darker on camera, so it might be a little hard to notice. In person, it’s a little more noticeable, especially in the sunlight.

“Eh, I’ve done dumber things.”

At least this dumb thing is for a heckuva good cause.

The Special Olympics of Michigan will play a soccer match at halftime of Saturday night’s match, which can be seen on FoxSportsDetroit.com or the Fox Sports Go app.

“I saw they were playing and I just got to thinking, could I do something stupid to raise money for charity,” Ruhl said. “And what dumber thing to do than to frost your tips?

“My wife is impressed we’re helping the charity, but unimpressed that she’s the one who’s now got to live with it.”