This spring and summer, The Detroit News will be introducing you to some of the lesser-known sports standouts in the area, including from the United Shore Professional Baseball League, Detroit City FC and Detroit Sun FC. Consider this sort of like speed dating, without the dating.

First up with "15 Things You Don't Know About Me" — Thomas Roulis, an infielder for the Birmingham Bloomfield Beavers of the third-year USBPL, which plays at Jimmy John's Field in Utica (tonight is Opening Night!). Roulis was the league's batting champion in 2017.

1. My favorite number is 13.

2. Last summer, I binge-watched every season of the TV show "Prison Break" within a week. I've also seen every episode of "The Office" at least once.

3. I guess it's kind of gross, but I can touch my nose with my tongue. I can also wiggle my ears.

4. As a young kid, I loved everything Pokemon. From collecting cards to playing the games on my Game Boy.

5. I practiced karate for 13 years and am a third-degree black belt in Tang Soo Do.

6. One of my favorite quotes, courtesy of my Dad, is "Be happy, but never be satisfied."

7. If I had to choose one food to eat for the rest of my life, it would be a bacon cheeseburger.

8. Summer is my favorite time of the year.

9. Some of my favorite memories growing are of playing stickball with my neighborhood friends during the day and manhunt at night.

10. I have a slight obsession with ice pops. Once I start eating them I can't stop.

11. Superhero movies are my favorite kind of movies. Comedies are a close second.

12. I'm not a huge video-game guy, but if I had to choose one system it would be GameCube.

13. Playing the guitar and singing are two things I wish I could do. Unfortunately, I can't do either.

14. My favorite childhood TV show was "Rugrats."

15. I once tried out for my college ping-pong team, but got cut.

Thomas Roulis, 24, is from New Hyde Park, N.Y. (on Long Island). He attended Chaminade High School and Dartmouth College (smarty pants!). You can follow him on Instagram @thomasroulis.