Sports reporter Kacie Hollins departing Channel 7

Tony Paul
The Detroit News
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Kacie Hollins loves the rush of being a journalist.

Like of all of us, though, she also loves the idea of making good money and enjoying a nice quality of life.

The sports reporter/anchor for WXYZ (Channel 7), the local ABC affiliate, is leaving the business at the end of June to pursue a law degree. She will have been at WXYZ for three years.

"When I got into journalism and sports journalism, I knew it was evenings and weekends, and that never really bothered me," she told The News this week. "But as I get older and start thinking more seriously about having a family and the kind of life I want for my family, I really think having a more normal schedule has just become a way bigger priority for me.

"Eventually, of course," she said, laughing. "I'll be working nonstop for the next seven years."

Hollins, whose previous journalism stops included Toronto and Charlotte, N.C., will attend law school at Northwestern. She says she's kind of joining the family business; her mother is a judge in Canada.

Hollins started thinking seriously about making the big career move last summer, when she started preparing to take the LSATs. It wasn't a decision she made lightly.

"It took me a while to make this switch," she said. "I felt like I would be giving up, because, oh, I hadn't made it to where I wanted to be. But the more I thought about it, I think it's gonna be great. I get to have two careers.

"I've gotten to do some cool and amazing things that I never would've gotten to do if I wasn't in sports journalism. I'll take those experiences and be happy that I have them. But just the way the industry's changing, there's not the potential to earn as much as when I first started. And at the risk of sounding shallow or materialistic, money is important to me — paying for kids' college, and having a home.

"I'd be stressed about it forever, to be honest, if I stayed as a journalist."

After her last day at the end of June, she will stay in Detroit for several weeks — and is looking forward to enjoying a summer here without the rigors of a hectic work schedule.

Hollins, 29, who attended Carleton University in Ottawa, is part of a three-person on-air sports staff at WXYZ, along with Brad Galli and Justin Rose.

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