Get to know me: USPBL's Keaton Aldridge

Tony Paul
The Detroit News

This spring and summer, The Detroit News will be introducing you to some of the lesser-known sports standouts in the area, including from the United Shore Professional Baseball League, Detroit City FC and Detroit Sun FC, among others. Consider this sort of like speed dating, without the dating.

Up this week with “15 Things You Don’t Know About Me” — Keaton Aldridge, a pitcher for the Eastside Diamond Hoppers of the third-year USBPL, which plays at Jimmy John’s Field in Utica. This is Aldridge's first year in the league.

Keaton Aldridge, a Birmingham native, is in his first year playing in the USPBL.

1. My motto is control the controllable: “C~C.”

2. I would love to be able to fly.

3. Wendys isn’t fast food — it's great food!

4. Setting off fireworks is one of my favorite things to do — aka, blowing stuff up.

5. My favorite movies are "Oceans Eleven" (and Twelve and Thirteen), "The Italian Job" and "Casino," plus about 20 more.

6. Cooking is one of my hobbies.

7. I wish I could have a dog, but baseball doesn’t really allow for that! I'll just take Bat Dog, JJ The Field General home sometime soon.

JJ The Field General is the official bat dog of the USPBL.

8. Most likely, I will be wearing some form of Lululemon if you see me outside the baseball field.

9. I live in Tampa, Fla., during the off season because i cant handle the cold anymore.

10. I currently don't have a phone because i broke it — and it's kind of nice to be limited to Wi-Fi.

11. I always need to be chewing some bubble gum when I’m pitching on the mound.

12. I could listen to house music, electro, techno — whatever you so choose to call it — at 8 in the morning.

13. Please don't play country music :)

Keaton Aldridge likes house music and Lululemon clothes.

14. I’m 25 years old, and haven't live at home in nine years ... until now. Haha.

15. Don’t tell Skip, but I would rather be on the golf course sometimes :P

Keaton Aldridge, 25, is from Birmingham. He attended Birmingham Seaholm High School, Glenwood High School in Phenix, Ala., and the University of Memphis. You can follow him on Twitter @Kaldi_23 and Instagram @k_aldi_.

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