Detroit News college picks: Week 1

The Detroit News
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Matt Charboneau, Angelique S. Chengelis, John Niyo and Bob Wojnowski of The Detroit News offer their predictions against the spread in Week 1 of the college football season.

Michigan -1 at Notre Dame    

Zach Gentry

Charboneau: Notre Dame
Chengelis: Michigan
Niyo:  Michigan
Wojnowski: Michigan
Oregon State +37 at Ohio State    

Charboneau:  Oregon State
Chengelis: Ohio State
Niyo: Ohio State
Wojnowski: Ohio State

Appalachian State +23 at Penn State    

Charboneau:  Penn State
Chengelis:  Penn State
Niyo:  Appalachian State
Wojnowski:  Appalachian State
Akron +24 at Nebraska    

Charboneau:  Akron
Chengelis:  Akron
Niyo:  Akron
Wojnowski: Akron
Kent +16 at Illinois    

Charboneau: Illinois
Chengelis: Kent
Niyo: Kent 
Wojnowski: Illinois
Texas State +16.5 at Rutgers    

Charboneau: Rutgers
Chengelis:  Rutgers
Niyo: Rutgers
Wojnowski: Rutgers
Indiana -10.5 at Florida International

Charboneau: Florida International
Chengelis: Indiana
Niyo: Indiana
Wojnowski: Florida International
Northern Illinois +9.5 at Iowa

Charboneau: Iowa
Chengelis:  Iowa
Niyo: Iowa
Wojnowski: Iowa
Texas -13 at Maryland  

Charboneau: Maryland
Chengelis: Texas
Niyo: Texas
Wojnowski: Texas
UNLV +25.5 at USC    

Charboneau:  UCLA
Chengelis: UCLA
Niyo: UCLA
Wojnowski: UNLV
Cincinnati +16.5 at UCLA    

Charboneau:  Cincinnati
Chengelis: Cincinnati
Niyo: UCLA
Wojnowski: UCLA
Washington +2.5 at Auburn    

Charboneau: Auburn
Chengelis:  Auburn
Niyo:  Auburn
Wojnowski:  Auburn
Central Michigan +17 at Kentucky    

Charboneau:  CMU
Chengelis: CMU
Niyo:  CMU
Wojnowski:  CMU
West Virginia -10 at Tennessee    

Charboneau: West Virginia
Chengelis: Tennessee
Niyo: West Virginia
Wojnowski: West Virginia
Louisville +25 at Alabama    

Charboneau: Alabama
Chengelis:  Louisville
Niyo:  Alabama
Wojnowski: Alabama


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