Get to know me: Wait, how many baseballs can USPBL's Luis Contreras hold in one hand?

Tony Paul
The Detroit News
Luis Contreras is in his first season in the USPBL.

This spring and summer, The Detroit News again will be introducing you to some of the lesser-known sports standouts in the area, including from the United Shore Professional Baseball League, Detroit City FC and Detroit Sun FC, among others. Consider this sort of like speed dating, without the dating.

Up this week with “15 Things You Don’t Know About Me” — Luis Contreras, a right-handed pitcher for the Eastside Diamond Hoppers of the fourth-year USPBL, which plays at Jimmy John’s Field in Utica. In nine innings this season, Contreras has recorded 16 strikeouts.

1. I'm the 5% of people that liked the last "Game Of Thrones" episode.

2. Yeah, my favorite TV show is "Game of Thrones."

3. If I go to an "all-you-can-eat" restaurant, they're probably gonna lose money with me.

4. I can be watching MLB games the whole day.

5. I've been in a "long-distance relationship" with my girlfriend for almost a year (she's from Venezuela, too, but she doesn't have a visa). Despite that, we got engaged in January.

Luis Contreras and his girlfriend.

6. I'm the 1% of people that has never played "Fortnite."

7. I love sushi.

8. Yahoo! Sports' fantasy baseball is the best one.

9. I love Latin music

10. I can put seven baseballs in my hand. (Editor's note: It's true; we asked for and received photographic evidence.)

Luis Contreras can hold seven baseballs in one hand.

11. My Instagram account is "coachwuis" because my best friend's son, when he was 2 years old, would call me "Wuissss."

12. Where I used to live in Venezuela, a week ago the temperature reached up to 128 degrees. So this is my first time pitching with this weather. 

13. Chipotle guy — 100%.

14. I've never seen snow before.

15. A lot of people call me "The Elephant" because my memory is really good.

Luis Contreras, 23, is from Pembroke Pines, Fla. You can follow him on Twitter @coachwuis and on Instagram at @coachwuis.

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