Paint it black: Oakland converting hoops court to playground look

Rod Beard
The Detroit News

The O'Rena is taking it back to the playground.

Oakland University's home basketball court is getting a facelift, with an homage to the playground blacktop.

Coach Greg Kampe posted a photo of the progress on Twitter on Tuesday.

The majority of the court is stained black with the familiar Golden Grizzly featured prominently at center court. The boundaries are painted in a darker black, with all of the lines painted white, so there's some contrast between inbounds and out-of-bounds.

Even with all that color, Kampe said the plan was to have more of a playground-court feel. There are still a few areas of the court that need to be painted, including the lines, which have blue painter's tape on Kampe's photo.

"We looked at trying to get the nets colored black (or) grey like chain-link nets, but there's a rule that the nets have to be white," Kampe told The Detroit News on Tuesday. "We have graduation (in three weeks) and it has to be done before graduation, so we're hoping that within the next 10 days it's done."

In addition to the court overhaul, Oakland is looking to update the nickname from the O'Rena to something that might fit the new look better.

"We have to figure out what we're going to do. I like Death Valley or something like that," he said. "We've got to look at it."

At the O'Rena, which opened in 1998 at a cost of about $15 million, the Golden Grizzles have a definite home-court advantage, with a 69-14 record.