Charboneau’s AP vote: MSU up to No. 3; so long, Auburn

Matt Charboneau
The Detroit News

There was plenty of movement in the rankings after Week 3, and the biggest for me was dropping Auburn from No. 9 all the way out of the poll.

That’s pretty significant for a team that lost on the road to a ranked conference opponent, but the Tigers got blitzed by LSU and the game was out of reach at halftime. LSU’s Leonard Fournette ran for 228 yards and three touchdowns while leaving the Auburn defense in shambles, and he hardly played in the second half.

Quite frankly, I should have dropped Auburn lower last week when they had to rally in the final minutes to beat Jacksonville State in overtime. So yeah, I dropped the Tigers all the way out.

Michigan State moves up to No. 2 in AP poll

Some others to tumble included Alabama after its loss at home to Ole Miss, Southern Cal after losing at home to Stanford and Georgia Tech, though the Yellow Jackets only went down a few spots because their loss was a tight one at Notre Dame. BYU drops, but not out of my poll, after coming up a point short at UCLA. The Cougars head to Michigan this week where I suspect they’ll throw a kink in Harbaugh-mania.

And of course, Arkansas disappears after losing at home to Texas Tech. I had the Razorbacks at No. 25 and probably should have dropped them last week after the loss to Toledo. I’ll miss wondering what nonsense Bret Bielema will spout next.

The big winner this week was Ole Miss, which I moved from No. 17 to No. 9. Stanford is also back at No. 24 with its win at USC and now its season-opening loss at Northwestern doesn’t look as bad because the Wildcats debut at No. 21 for me after winning at Duke.

Matt Charboneau’s Top 25 (last week’s ranking in parentheses)

1. Ohio State (1)

2. TCU (2)

3. Michigan State (4)

4. Baylor (5)

5. Notre Dame (6)

6. Georgia (7)

7. Florida State (10)

8. Oregon (11)

9. Ole Miss (17)

10. Clemson (12)

11. Alabama (3)

12. LSU (13)

13. UCLA (14)

14. Oklahoma (16)

15. Arizona (18)

16. Southern Cal (8)

17. Texas A&M (19)

18. Georgia Tech (15)

19. Missouri (21)

20. Wisconsin (22)

21. Northwestern (NR)

22. Arizona State (23)

23. Utah (24)

24. Stanford (NR)

25. BYU (20)