Charboneau’s vote: Michigan, Utah make their moves

Matt Charboneau
The Detroit News

After six weeks, it’s getting tougher and tougher to decipher which are the top 25 teams in the nation, and much of that is because there does not appear to be a clear-cut great team. There are plenty of good teams, but they all have their issues and they seem to crop up on a weekly basis.

The top six stayed the same because none really made a statement, though at least one — hello, Michigan State — could have been dropped for the second straight week. But, I cut Ohio State slack last week for winning on the road and I’ll do the same this week for MSU.

Baylor puts up flashy numbers, but weakling Kansas was the latest victim of the Bears running it up, and TCU had to rally again, this time beating Kansas State on the road. Clemson and Alabama did their jobs, but they didn’t dominate.

That means the biggest mover for me was Utah. I’m a little late to the party on the Utes, but their victory at home over California was impressive. Utah didn’t run away and it gave up its share of yards through the air, but it did intercept Cal quarterback Jared Goff five times and had a big defensive stand in the final seconds.

Michigan also took a significant leap with its third straight shutout, moving up to No. 11 from No. 17 in my rankings. The team it drilled, Northwestern, stayed in my rankings but did drop nine spots to No. 22, while Oklahoma went down 12 spots to 21 after its loss to Texas.

Southern Cal, Georgia and Oregon all fell from my top 25 — probably a week too late on Oregon — while I kept Cal in at No. 25 because it came a few yards shy of beating Utah on the road.

Michigan No. 12 in the lastest AP poll, MSU No. 7


1. Ohio State (No. 1 last week)

2. TCU (2)

3. Baylor (3)

4. Clemson (4)

5. Alabama (5)

6. Michigan State (6)

7. Utah (14)

8. Florida State (7)

9. LSU (8)

10. Florida (10)

11. Michigan (17)

12. Notre Dame (11)

13. Texas A&M (12)

14. Stanford (16)

15. Ole Miss (20)

16. Oklahoma State (21)

17. Toledo (24)

18. Iowa (25)

19. UCLA (22)

20. Boise State (NR)

21. Oklahoma (9)

22. Northwestern (15)

23. Temple (NR)

24. Houston (NR)

25. California (23)