Detroit News bowl picks

The Detroit News
Demetrious Cox and the Michigan State Spartans play Alabama in the Cotton Bowl.

Matt Charboneau, Angelique S. Chengelis, John Niyo, Bob Wojnowski and Joe Adams of The Detroit News make their bowl picks against the spread.

Cotton: Alabama -10 vs. Michigan State

Charboneau: Michigan State

Chengelis: Michigan State

Niyo: Michigan State

Wojnowski: Michigan State

Adams: Michigan State

Citrus: Michigan -4 vs. Florida

Charboneau: Michigan

Chengelis: Michigan

Niyo: Michigan

Wojnowski: Michigan

Adams: Michigan (best bet)

Fiesta: Notre Dame +6.5 vs. Ohio State

Charboneau: Ohio State (best bet)

Chengelis: Ohio State

Niyo: Ohio State

Wojnowski: Ohio State

Adams: Ohio State

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Orange: Oklahoma -3 vs. Clemson

Charboneau: Oklahoma

Chengelis: Oklahoma

Niyo: Oklahoma

Wojnowski: Clemson

Adams: Oklahoma

Bahamas: Middle Tennessee +2.5 vs. Western Michigan

Charboneau: Western Michigan

Chengelis: Western Michigan

Niyo: Western Michigan

Wojnowski: Western Michigan

Adams: Western Michigan

Quick Lane: Central Michigan +5.5 vs. Minnesota

Charboneau: Central Michigan

Chengelis: Minnesota

Niyo: Minnesota

Wojnowski: Central Michigan

Adams: Central Michigan

From left, De'Veon Smith, Jake Rudock, Jehu Chesson and the Michigan Wolverines play Florida in the Citrus Bowl.

New Mexico: Arizona -10 vs. New Mexico

Charboneau: New Mexico

Chengelis: Arizona

Niyo: Arizona

Wojnowski: New Mexico

Adams: Arizona

Las Vegas: BYU +2 vs. Utah

Charboneau: Utah

Chengelis: Utah

Niyo: Utah

Wojnowski: BYU

Adams: Utah

Camellia: Ohio +9 vs. Appalachian State

Charboneau: Appalachian State

Chengelis: Appalachian State

Niyo: Ohio

Wojnowski: Appalachian State

Adams: Appalachian State

Cure: San Jose State -3 vs. Georgia State

Charboneau: San Jose State

Chengelis: San Jose State

Niyo: San Jose State

Wojnowski: Georgia State

Adams: Georgia State

New Orleans: Arkansas State +1 vs. Louisiana Tech

Charboneau: Louisiana Tech

Chengelis: Arkansas State

Niyo: Louisiana Tech

Wojnowski: Louisiana Tech

Adams: Louisiana Tech

Miami: Western Kentucky -3.5 vs. South Florida

Charboneau: Western Kentucky

Chengelis: South Florida

Niyo: Western Kentucky

Wojnowski: Western Kentucky

Adams: Western Kentucky

Potato: Akron +6 vs. Utah State

Charboneau: Utah State

Chengelis: Akron

Niyo: Utah State

Wojnowski: Utah State

Adams: Utah State

Boca Raton: Toledo +1 vs. Temple

Charboneau: Toledo

Chengelis: Toledo

Niyo: Temple (best bet)

Wojnowski: Temple

Adams: Temple

Poinsettia: Boise State -8.5 vs. Northern Illinois

Charboneau: Northern Illinois

Chengelis: Boise State

Niyo: Boise State

Wojnowski: Boise State

Adams: Boise State

GoDaddy: Georgia Southern +7 vs. Bowling Green

Charboneau: Bowling Green

Chengelis: Bowling Green

Niyo: Bowling Green

Wojnowski: Bowling Green

Adams: Bowling Green

Hawaii: San Diego State +1 vs. Cincinnati

Charboneau: Cincinnati

Chengelis: Cincinnati (best bet)

Niyo: Cincinnati

Wojnowski: San Diego State

Adams: San Diego State

St. Petersburg: Connecticut +4 vs. Marshall

Charboneau: Marshall

Chengelis: Connecticut

Niyo: Connecticut

Wojnowski: Marshall

Adams: Marshall

Sun: Miami +2 vs. Washington State

Charboneau: Washington State

Chengelis: Washington State

Niyo: Washington State

Wojnowski: Miami

Adams: Washington State

Heart of Dallas: Washington -8.5 vs. Southern Miss

Charboneau: Washington

Chengelis: Southern Miss

Niyo: Washington

Wojnowski: Washington

Adams: Washington

Pinstripe: Indiana -1 vs. Duke

Charboneau: Indiana

Chengelis: Indiana

Niyo: Indiana

Wojnowski: Duke

Adams: Indiana

Independence: Tulsa +13 vs. Virginia Tech

Charboneau: Virginia Tech

Chengelis: Tulsa

Niyo: Virginia Tech

Wojnowski: Virginia Tech

Adams: Virginia Tech

Foster Farms: UCLA -6 vs. Nebraska

Charboneau: UCLA

Chengelis: Nebraska

Niyo: UCLA

Wojnowski: UCLA

Adams: UCLA

Military: Pittsburgh +4 vs. Navy

Charboneau: Navy

Chengelis: Pittsburgh

Niyo: Pittsburgh

Wojnowski: Pittsburgh

Adams: Pittsburgh

Armed Forces: California -6 vs. Air Force

Charboneau: Air Force

Chengelis: Air Force

Niyo: California

Wojnowski: Air Force

Adams: California

Russell Athletic: North Carolina +3 vs. Baylor

Charboneau: Baylor

Chengelis: Baylor

Niyo: North Carolina

Wojnowski: North Carolina

Adams: North Carolina

Arizona: Nevada +3 vs. Colorado State

Charboneau: Colorado State

Chengelis: Colorado State

Niyo: Nevada

Wojnowski: Colorado State

Adams: Colorado State

Texas: LSU -7.5 vs. Texas Tech

Charboneau: LSU

Chengelis: LSU

Niyo: LSU

Wojnowski: LSU

Adams: LSU

Birmingham: Auburn -2 vs. Memphis

Charboneau: Auburn

Chengelis: Auburn

Niyo: Auburn

Wojnowski: Memphis

Adams: Memphis

Belk: N.C. State +5 vs. Mississippi State

Charboneau: Mississippi State

Chengelis: Mississippi State

Niyo: Mississippi State

Wojnowski: N.C. State

Adams: Mississippi State

Music City: Texas A&M -3 vs. Louisville

Charboneau: Texas A&M

Chengelis: Texas A&M

Niyo: Texas A&M

Wojnowski: Texas A&M

Adams: Louisville

Holiday: USC -3 vs. Wisconsin

Charboneau: USC

Chengelis: USC

Niyo: USC

Wojnowski: USC

Adams: USC

Peach: Houston +6 vs. Florida State

Charboneau: Houston

Chengelis: Florida State

Niyo: Florida State

Wojnowski: Florida State

Adams: Florida State

Outback: Northwestern +8 vs. Tennessee

Charboneau: Northwestern

Chengelis: Northwestern

Niyo: Northwestern

Wojnowski: Northwestern

Adams: Northwestern

Rose: Stanford -7 vs. Iowa

Charboneau: Iowa

Chengelis: Stanford

Niyo: Stanford

Wojnowski: Stanford

Adams: Stanford

Sugar: Oklahoma State +6.5 vs. Mississippi

Charboneau: Mississippi

Chengelis: Mississippi

Niyo: Mississippi

Wojnowski: Mississippi

Adams: Mississippi

TaxSlayer: Penn State +7 vs. Georgia

Charboneau: Georgia

Chengelis: Georgia

Niyo: Georgia

Wojnowski: Georgia

Adams: Georgia

Liberty: Kansas State +11 vs. Arkansas

Charboneau: Arkansas

Chengelis: Kansas State

Niyo: Kansas State

Wojnowski: Arkansas (best bet)

Adams: Arkansas

Alamo: Oregon vs. TCU (even)

Charboneau: Oregon

Chengelis: TCU

Niyo: Oregon

Wojnowski: Oregon

Adams: Oregon

Cactus: West Virginia +1 vs. Arizona State

Charboneau: Arizona State

Chengelis: Arizona State

Niyo: Arizona State

Wojnowski: Arizona State

Adams: West Virginia


Charboneau: 5-5 last week, 95-107-3 overall (8-6 best bets)

Chengelis: 4-6 last week, 96-106-3 overall (8-6 best bets)

Niyo: 4-6 last week, 98-104-3 overall (7-6-1 best bets)

Wojnowski: 5-5 last week, 101-101-3 overall (6-8 best bets)