Detroit News college football picks: Week 1

The Detroit News
Amara Darboh

The Detroit News' Matt Charboneau, Angelique S. Chengelis, John Niyo and Bob Wojnowski predict the outcome of this week's college football games against the point spread.

Hawaii +41 at Michigan

Charboneau: Hawaii

Chengelis: Hawaii

Niyo: Michigan

Wojnowski: Michigan

Notre Dame -3½ at Texas

Charboneau: Notre Dame

Chengelis: Notre Dame

Niyo: Texas

Wojnowski: Notre Dame

Miami (Ohio) +27½ at Iowa

Charboneau: Iowa

Chengelis: Iowa

Niyo: Iowa

Wojnowski: Miami (Ohio)

Western Michigan +6½ at Northwestern

Charboneau: Northwestern

Chengelis: Western Michigan

Niyo: Northwestern

Wojnowski: Northwestern

Bowling Green +27 at Ohio State

Charboneau: Ohio State

Chengelis: Bowling Green

Niyo: Ohio State

Wojnowski: Ohio State

Kent State +20 at Penn State

Charboneau: Kent State

Chengelis: Penn State

Niyo: Penn State

Wojnowski: Penn State

Rutgers +25 at Washington

Charboneau: Washington

Chengelis: Rutgers

Niyo: Washington

Wojnowski: Washington

LSU -9 vs. Wisconsin at Green Bay

Charboneau: LSU (best bet)

Chengelis: LSU (best bet)

Niyo: LSU

Wojnowski: Wisconsin

Fresno State +29 at Nebraska

Charboneau: Fresno State

Chengelis: Fresno State

Niyo: Nebraska

Wojnowski: Fresno State

USC +10 vs. Alabama at Arlington

Charboneau: Alabama

Chengelis: USC

Niyo: Alabama

Wojnowski: Alabama

Missouri +10 at West Virginia

Charboneau: Missouri

Chengelis: Missouri

Niyo: West Virginia

Wojnowski: Missouri

North Carolina +2½ vs. Georgia at Atlanta

Charboneau: Georgia

Chengelis: Georgia

Niyo: Georgia

Wojnowski: Georgia

Oklahoma -10 at Houston

Charboneau: Houston

Chengelis: Houston

Niyo: Houston

Wojnowski: Houston
Mississippi +4½ at Florida State at Orlando

Charboneau: Florida State

Chengelis: Florida State

Niyo: Florida State (best bet)

Wojnowski: Florida State (best bet)

BYU +1 at Arizona

Charboneau: BYU

Chengelis: Arizona

Niyo: Arizona

Wojnowski: BYU