University of Detroit asks for Mercy

Detroit News staff

The university that calls Detroit home has a new logo and a new name, sort of.

After years of asking sports departments to drop Mercy from its name, University of Detroit officials are asking Mercy be embraced.

In introducing its new logo, officials added strict guidelines on how they wanted to be identified.

“For writing references, upon the first reference in copy, use ‘University of Detroit Mercy.’ On the second reference, use ‘Detroit Mercy’ or ‘the University,’ according to a press release. “The University name can only be identified by ‘Detroit Mercy’ or ‘the University.’ When using ‘the University,’ always capitalize ‘U’ if referring directly to Detroit Mercy. ‘The,’ however, is never used as part of the formal name of the University and is not capitalized unless it is the start of a sentence.

“All other references (Detroit, UDM, UD-Mercy, UofD Mercy) will not be allowed.”

The release did not say what the penalty would be for using UD-Mercy, a favorite of many headline writers.