Charboneau’s AP vote: Wolverines 4th, Spartans 18th

Matt Charboneau
The Detroit News
Michigan running back Ty Isaac tries to evade a tackle by Penn State's Jake Cooper in the third quarter.

Things are really starting to get interesting in college football, and though there wasn’t a ton of movement at the top of my Associated Press top 25 ballot, there were some subtle moves and plenty of maneuvering in the bottom half.

Alabama stays at the top along with Ohio State at No. 2. I’m keeping Clemson at No. 3, though I contemplated moving Michigan into that spot. As it was, the Wolverines went up to No. 4 from No. 5.

Louisville came up a couple more spots and Wisconsin moves into the No. 8 spot that Michigan State had been in, but after that whoopin, I could have moved the Badgers up even more. It certainly sets up what should be a heck of a game next week in Ann Arbor, not something I would have expected before the season.

I dropped the Spartans to No. 18 and contemplated an even bigger plunge. Hard to rank a team that can’t manage to score a touchdown at home. However, that’s still a pretty good defense, even with several injuries. Yes, that’s right, they’re still a good defense. Three Wisconsin touchdowns were the result of turnovers.

Some newcomers this week include Ole Miss (OK, they’re back after falling out, but impressive win over Georgia), Utah and San Diego State.

Still haven’t pulled the trigger on Western Michigan, but the Broncos are close. Central? Sorry, nice rally on the road but Virginia is not good.

UM stays 4th, MSU falls to 17th in AP poll


1. Alabama (last week: 1)

2. Ohio State (2)

3. Clemson (3)

4. Michigan (5)

5. Louisville (8)

6. Stanford (4)

7. Houston (6)

8. Wisconsin (11)

9. Washington (9)

10. Texas A&M (14)

Relentless Wolverines pound Penn State

11. Baylor (16)

12. Tennessee (18)

13. Florida State (13)

14. Boise State (15)

15. Nebraska (20)

16. TCU (17)

17. Texas (19)

18. Michigan State (7)

19. Miami (22)

20. Utah (NR)

21. Ole Miss (NR)

22. Georgia (12)

23. Iowa (23)

24. San Diego State (NR)

25. LSU (10)

‘Not good enough’: Badgers pummel sloppy Spartans