Charboneau’s AP vote: Rutgers terrible so UM stays 4th

Matt Charboneau
The Detroit News
Michigan running back Chris Evans runs the ball away from Rutgers defensive lineman Darius Hamilton in the first quarter on Saturday.

Six weeks into the season things are starting to stabilize near the top of my Associated Press Top 25 ballot. It’s clear, in my opinion, who the top teams are, and the top five are starting to separate themselves, as well. Now, deciding the order is clearly up for debate.

I’ve been sticking with the same top four for a few weeks now and didn’t change that this week, though I’m sure some might be wowed enough by Michigan’s 78-point win to adjust them a bit. I’m not putting a whole lot of weight in margin of victory in this case. The Wolverines dominated a sub-par Rutgers team, as did Ohio State the week before. That’s enough for me.

Again, it’s close with those top four and I could easily move Michigan up a spot. But for now, I’m content with what I’ve got and more than impressed with the way Washington is playing as the Huskies look like a playoff team, at least for now. Going to Utah in a couple weeks might be their biggest test left and the only real obstacle in going unbeaten.

As for the rest of the poll, there was more movement in and out near the bottom. Stanford drops all the way out after getting worked at home by Washington State while North Carolina, Arkansas and UCLA made quick exits after one-week returns.

Utah and Georgia are back while Virginia Tech and Arizona State make their first appearances. And there’s Western Michigan, up three spots after another win.

UM stays No. 4, WMU debuts at No. 24 in AP poll


1. Alabama (last week: 1)

2. Ohio State (2)

3. Clemson (3)

4. Michigan (4)

5. Washington (5)

6. Texas A&M (8)

7. Louisville (7)

8. Baylor (10)

9. Nebraska (11)

10. Wisconsin (12)

11. Boise State (13)

12. Ole Miss (16)

13. Houston (6)

14. Tennessee (9)

15. Oklahoma (18)

16. Oklahoma State (20)

17. Florida State (23)

18. Miami (14)

19. Florida (21)

20. LSU (22)

21. Western Michigan (24)

22. Virginia Tech (NR)

23. Utah (NR)

24. Georgia (NR)

25. Arizona State (NR)