GVSU passes UM in winning percentage: 'Kind of cool'

Tony Paul
The Detroit News
Matt Mitchell

Last month, Michigan overtook Notre Dame as the all-time winningest college football program, in terms of winning percentage.

This month, Michigan got dethroned -- at least, if you let Division II teams into the dance.

By beating Ferris State earlier this month, Grand Valley State overtook Michigan, and has extended its lead with two wins since.

Grand Valley, located in Allendale in West Michigan, is 379-137-3 for a .733 winning percentage. Michigan is 932-331-36, for a .731 percentage.

"Obviously," said Matt Mitchell, the seventh-year head coach at Grand Valley, "we can never compete with those people.

"But it does show you over the long haul, we've been doing it the right way and have a great tradition."

No kidding.

Grand Valley has four Division II national championships, and should compete for another one this season. After losing in the semifinals last season, it's 8-0 and ranked No. 2 in the nation.

Those are the numbers that matter, though that little nugget about overtaking Michigan, well, that's pretty neat, too.

"It is kind of cool," said Mitchell, whose team plays Findlay this weekend. "It's one of those deals, when you're dealing with recruiting, fan interaction, Twitter, social media, it's one more thing about our program that just kind of pops.

"It validates everything we're doing."

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