Bob Wojnowski, John Niyo, Angelique S. Chengelis and Matt Charboneau talk about Michigan State's win over Michigan and what's ahead for each team. Detroit News


Bob Wojnowski, John Niyo, Angelique Chengelis, Matt Charboneau look ahead to Saturday's Big Ten road games -- Michigan at Indiana and Michigan State at Minnesota.

Here are some of the highlights from this week's show.

1:00: Michigan State reigns in the rain

► 2:50: Spartans linebacker Chris Frey

4:30: Matt Charboneau on MSU's defense

► 6:35: John Niyo on Minnesota's offense

► 7:55: Matt Charboneau on MSU's offense

► 9:25: MSU-Minnesota predictions

► 10:20: Jim Harbaugh on 1-4 record vs. MSU and Ohio State

► 11:30: Michigan's play calling

► 13:10: Michigan's offensive line problems

► 14:30: Michigan's defense

► 16:50: John Niyo on Indiana's offense

► 18:00: UM-Indiana predictions

► 19:30: Matt Charboneau's top 25 vote

► 21:40: Penn State has bye before Michigan matchup