John Niyo and Angelique Chengelis are joined by Chris Howard and Matt Charboneau to talk about Michigan's issues and Michigan State's 6-1 season.


Matt Charboneau, Angelique S. Chengelis, John Niyo and Bob Wojnowski of The Detroit News offer their picks against the spread for Week 9 of the college football season. This week’s guest selector is James Armstrong of Harrison. Armstrong was last week’s winner of the Wojo Picks contest ( with a record of 13-2.

Michigan State +1 at Northwestern

Charboneau: MSU

Chengelis: MSU

Niyo: MSU

Wojnowski: MSU

Armstrong: MSU

Rutgers +23 at Michigan

Charboneau: Michigan

Chengelis: Michigan

Niyo: Michigan (Best bet)

Wojnowski: Michigan

Armstrong: Rutgers



Penn State +7 at Ohio State

Charboneau: Penn State

Chengelis: Ohio State

Niyo: Ohio State

Wojnowski: Ohio State

Armstrong: Penn State (Best bet)

Nebraska +6 at Purdue

Charboneau: Purdue

Chengelis: Purdue

Niyo: Nebraska

Wojnowski: Nebraska

Armstrong: Purude

Indiana -5.5 at Maryland

Charboneau: Indiana

Chengelis: Indiana

Niyo: Indiana

Wojnowski: Indiana

Armstrong: Maryland

Wisconsin -24 at Illinois

Charboneau: Wisconsin

Chengelis: Wisconsin

Niyo: Wisconsin

Wojnowski: Wisconsin

Armstrong: Illinois

Minnesota +9 at Iowa

Charboneau: Minnesota

Chengelis: Iowa

Niyo: Minnesota

Wojnowski: Minnesota

Armstrong: Iowa

Miami (Fla.) -20.5 at North Carolina

Charboneau: Miami

Chengelis: Miami

Niyo: Miami

Wojnowski: Miami

Armstrong: Miami

Oklahoma State -6 at West Virginia

Charboneau: West Virginia

Chengelis: Oklahoma State

Niyo: Oklahoma State

Wojnowski: West Virginia

Armstrong: West Virginia

N.C. State +7 at Notre Dame

Charboneau: Notre Dame

Chengelis: N.C. State

Niyo: Notre Dame

Wojnowski: Notre Dame (Best bet)

Armstrong: Notre Dame

UCLA +18 at Washington

Charboneau: UCLA

Chengelis: UCLA (Best bet)

Niyo: UCLA

Wojnowski: Washington

Armstrong: UCLA

Florida +14 vs. Georgia

Charboneau: Georgia

Chengelis: Florida

Niyo: Florida

Wojnowski: Georgia

Armstrong: Florida

Washington State -2.5 at Arizona

Charboneau: Wash. State

Chengelis: Wash State

Niyo: Arizona

Wojnowski: Arizona

Armstrong: Arizona

Texas Tech +20 at Oklahoma

Charboneau: Texas Tech

Chengelis: Texas Tech

Niyo: Oklahoma

Wojnowski: Texas Tech

Armstrong: Texas Tech

TCU -7 at Iowa State

Charboneau: TCU (Best bet)

Chengelis: Iowa State

Niyo: TCU

Wojnowski: TCU

Armstrong: Iowa State


Charboneau: 7-7-1 last week; 54-62-3 overall; 4-4 best bets

Chengelis: 10-4-1 last week; 56-60-3 overall; 2-5-1 best bets

Niyo: 10-4-1 last week; 60-56-3 overall; 5-3 best bets

Wojnowski: 10-4-1 last week; 61-55-3 overall; 2-6 best bets