Alabama's Saban professes his love ... for the media

The Detroit News
Alabama coach Nick Saban could stop Clemson's potent offense in the national championship game Monday in Santa, Clara, Calif.

Even after a disappointing loss in the biggest game of the season, Alabama coach Nick Saban showed his appreciation for group you would think he doesn't care much about.

After his team was blasted in the national championship game by Clemson on Monday night, 44-16, Saban spoke to the media after the game and calmly expressed his thanks to many individuals involved with his program for the success of the season.

That included the media outlets that covered his team.

"As always I appreciate ... I know you y'all think I don't like the press but i really do love you for what you do," Saban said, who was Michigan State's head coach from 1995-99. "To give a lot of positive self-gratification to a lot of our players by recognizing the things they do well. We certainly appreciate all the interest you create for our sport.

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"College football is a great game and something that's great for these young players to be able to learn a lot of lessons in life.

"We appreciate you so much for that."