Detroit News college football picks: Week 12

The Detroit News
Michigan plays host to Michigan State on Saturday in Ann Arbor.

Matt Charboneau, Angelique S. Chengelis, John Niyo and Bob Wojnowski of The Detroit News offer their predictions against the spread in Week 12 of the college football season. This week’s guest selector is Timothy Schill of St. Clair Shores. Schill was the winner of the Wojo Picks contest ( with a record of 13-1-1.

Michigan State +13 at Michigan

Charboneau: Michigan State

Chengelis: Michigan State

Niyo: Michigan

Wojnowski: Michigan

Schill: Michigan

Indiana +15.5 at Penn State

Charboneau: Penn State

Chengelis: Indiana

Niyo: Indiana

Wojnowski: Penn State

Schill: Indiana

Ohio State -54 at Rutgers

Charboneau: Ohio State

Chengelis: Ohio State (best bet)

Niyo: Ohio State (best bet)

Wojnowski: Ohio State

Schill: Ohio State

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Minnesota +3 at Iowa

Charboneau: Iowa

Chengelis: Iowa

Niyo: Minnesota

Wojnowski: Iowa

Schill: Minnesota (best bet)

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Wisconsin -13 at Nebraska

Charboneau: Wisconsin

Chengelis: Wisconsin

Niyo: Wisconsin

Wojnowski: Wisconsin

Schill: Wisconsin

UMass +40 at Northwestern

Charboneau: Northwestern

Chengelis: Northwestern

Niyo: UMass

Wojnowski: UMass

Schill: UMass

Wake Forest +31 at Clemson

Charboneau: Wake Forest

Chengelis: Wake Forest

Niyo: Wake Forest

Wojnowski: Clemson

Schill: Clemson

Alabama -21 at Mississippi State

Charboneau: Alabama

Chengelis: Alabama

Niyo: Alabama

Wojnowski: Alabama

Schill: Alabama

UCLA +22 at Utah

Charboneau: Utah

Chengelis: UCLA

Niyo: UCLA

Wojnowski: UCLA

Schill: UCLA

Navy +9 at Notre Dame

Charboneau: Notre Dame (best bet)

Chengelis: Navy

Niyo: Notre Dame

Wojnowski: Navy

Schill: Navy

Arizona +25 at Oregon

Charboneau: Oregon

Chengelis: Oregon

Niyo: Arizona

Wojnowski: Oregon (best bet)

Schill: Arizona

Georgia -3 at Auburn

Charboneau: Georgia

Chengelis: Georgia

Niyo: Georgia

Wojnowski: Georgia

Schill: Georgia

Oklahoma -9.5 at Baylor

Charboneau: Baylor

Chengelis: Baylor

Niyo: Baylor

Wojnowski: Baylor

Schill: Baylor

Florida -8.5 at Missouri

Charboneau: Florida

Chengelis: Florida

Niyo: Missouri

Wojnowski: Florida

Schill: Florida

LSU -21 at Mississippi

Charboneau: LSU

Chengelis: LSU

Niyo: LSU

Wojnowski: LSU

Schill: LSU


Charboneau: 9-6 last week, 90-72-3 overall, 8-3 best bets

Chengelis: 11-4 last week, 92-70-3 overall, 9-2 best bets

Niyo: 7-8 last week, 84-78-3 overall, 7-3-1 best bets

Wojo: 10-5 last week, 95-67-3 overall, 11-0 best bets

Guest: 9-6 last week, 99-63-3 overall, 7-4 best bets


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