This week's Detroit News college football picks

The Detroit News

Matt Charboneau, Angelique S. Chengelis, John Niyo and Bob Wojnowski of The Detroit News offer their predictions against the spread for top games this week in college football. This week’s guest selector is Ted Pansey of Auburn Hills. Pansey was the winner of the Wojo Picks contest ( with a record 8-2.

Cade McNamara

Penn State +4 at Michigan

Charboneau: Michigan

Chengelis: Michigan

Niyo: Michigan

Wojnowski: Michigan

Pansey: Michigan (best bet)

Northwestern -11 at Michigan State

Charboneau: Northwestern (best bet)

Chengelis: Michigan State

Niyo: Northwestern

Wojnowski: Northwestern

Pansey: Michigan State

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Maryland +14 at Indiana

Charboneau: Indiana

Chengelis: Maryland

Niyo: Indiana

Wojnowski: Maryland

Pansey: Indiana

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Rutgers +11 at Purdue

Charboneau: Rutgers

Chengelis: Rutgers

Niyo: Rutgers

Wojnowski: Purdue

Pansey: Purdue

Auburn +24 at Alabama

Charboneau: Alabama

Chengelis: Auburn

Niyo: Auburn

Wojnowski: Auburn

Pansey: Auburn

LSU +11 at Texas A&M

Charboneau: LSU

Chengelis: Texas A&M

Niyo: Texas A&M

Wojnowski: Texas A&M (best bet)

Pansey: LSU

Pittsburgh +26 at Clemson

Charboneau: Clemson

Chengelis: Clemson

Niyo: Clemson (best bet)

Wojnowski: Pittsburgh

Pansey: Clemson

Georgia -19.5 at South Carolina

Charboneau: South Carolina

Chengelis: South Carolina

Niyo: Georgia

Wojnowski: Georgia

Pansey: Georgia

Kentucky +24 at Florida

Charboneau: Kentucky

Chengelis: Kentucky

Niyo: Kentucky

Wojnowski: Florida

Pansey: Kentucky

Northern Illinois +18.5 at Western Michigan

Charboneau: Western Michigan

Chengelis: Western Michigan

Niyo: Western Michigan

Wojnowski: Western Michigan

Pansey: Western Michigan


Charboneau: 1-9 last week, 30-35 overall, 2-3 best bets

Chengelis: 4-6 last week, 35-30 overall, 3-2 best bets

Niyo: 4-6 last week, 31-34 overall, 3-2 best bets

Wojnowski: 4-6 last week, 32-33 overall, 3-2 best bets

Guest: 3-7 last week, 43-22 overall, 4-1 best bets