Big Ten blog replay: Delany hints at retirement

Geoff Robinson
The Detroit News
Big Ten Commissioner Jim Delany talks to the media during a past media day event.

Follow along for live updates from Day 2 of the Big Ten Media Days with Geoff Robinson of The Detroit News.

Big Ten Commissioner Jim Delany

On loss of Mike Sadler, Sam Foltz: "Major loss of life that has impacted everybody. I just want to be clear that hearts are broken and our prayers and thoughts are with their families."

On paying student-athletes: Delany made the point that student-athletes will receive more than a billion dollars in scholarships and thinks that paying these athletes in the mold of a professional league is not viable.

On how long he will be commissioner: When asked about the Big Ten's six-year television rights deal that goes for the next six years, Delany commented that he doesn't plan on being around to negotiate the next deal.

On New Year's Eve Playoff games: Believes there may be changes coming, but can't see the Rose Bowl ever moving from New Year's Day.

On division balance: "I don't expect that to change in the short-term," Delany said. "That's not to say it could never change, but there are no current discussions."

A slight change provides more collaboration in officiating

Bill Carollo, Coordinator of Officials in the Big Ten, says referees on the field will now get to see video of replay to collaborate on call. In the past, referees would just put on a headset while the people in the booth made the decision.

Ohio State's Urban Meyer addresses media

On young team: "I've been asked a lot about a young team. The issue would be if it was a non-talented team," Meyer said with a smirk. Ohio State has 44 players on its roster that have never played in a game, more than half of their scholarship players.

Meyer said he's concerned about the depth at running back and that could lead to less hit in practice for his backs. He did say that he thinks Mike Weber, the former Detroit Cass Tech star, will be the lead tailback when the season starts.

"I see that potential in this team," Meyer said when asked if his team had what it takes to win the conference, contend for College Football Playoff. "This is as talented a team as I've ever had."

On Michigan game: "That's a long ways off," Meyer said. "That's a rivalry and everyone knows how we treat that rivalry. It's there everyday."

On J.T. Barrett: "There was a lot of distraction," Meyer said of last season when there was a battle between Barrett and Cardale Jones for the starting quarterback position. He says that Barret knows it's his job now and expects him to play like there's nothing to lose.

Former Michigan defensive coordinator, new Maryland head coach DJ Durkin

Durkin stressed that his priority is to recruit the Washington D.C. area well. He says its a hotbed for talent and he need to keep that talent at home. "Our players have done a great job recruiting players for us. You need that leadership."

Durkin on being in a division with Urban Meyer and Jim Harbaugh, both of which he has worked for: "I've been very fortunate to work under a long list of coaches. That's been a tremendous benefit for me. Playing in the same conference is great because you know those guys bring the competitive level up. How they've changed the landscape of recruiting and the competitive level, that's what you want to be a part of.

Dantonio on quarterback position

Mark Dantonio said he thinks he's got four talented guys at quarterback and thinks that all would be able to be big time quarterbacks. He did, however, point out that at this point, he thinks that senior Tyler O'Connor leads the race to be starter.

"Tyler performed well last year and is ready for the opportunity, but we're going to keep pressure on our quarterback position and our quarterback coach. We won't pin it on one guy. That will be defined through camp."

Dantonio highlights

On linebackers: "Depth charts are a starting point."

On L.J. Scott, who has lost 11 pounds from last season: "We saw what a drop in weight did for Le'Veon Bell. We though L.J. was a bit heavy last year." Scott went from 235 pounds in 2015 and currently weighs in at 224, according to Dantonio.

On loss to Alabama: "That game got out of hand. I thought it was competitive in the first half, but I told our football team let's get on with business. There's going to be down times. You've got to be able to handle the bad times as well as the good. It's time to take another step up."

Dantonio also credited the administration with helping to retain the staff year after year. He says that's what allows the program to carry over its success.

Dantonio mourns deaths of Sadler, Foltz

"I'd like to express our condolences to the Mike Sadler family and also to Sam Foltz and Husker nation as well. What occured was tragic. Mike was a giver, he made everybody's life better. We'll miss him terribly."

Mark Dantonio will address MSU's upcoming season momentarily

Mark Dantonio will be speaking with the media at 9:30 A.M., Urban Meyer comes on at 10:30 A.M. and Big Ten Commissioner Jim Delany comes on at 11:00 A.M.

Highlights from Day 1 of Big Ten Media Days

Harbaugh live on Big Ten Network

On quarterback competition: "We're going to throw the balls out on August 8th and let the guys compete. We're looking for a guy that can consistently move the team and get us into the end zone. It's going to take practice reps to find a guy who consistently moves the team without turning the ball over."

The biggest difference between year on and year two: "Year one is the unknown and year two is everything you did, you're doing it again. You know everybody better, the players, the staff."

DeVeon Smith: "He can do multiple things. He can run inside, outside. He can pass protect and he's coming along well catching the ball out of the backfield."

On Don Brown: "For not knowing Don until January, we're becoming best friends. I love Don as a teacher and developer of players. People don't hesitate to come up to me and tell me that he's the best. When former players do that, it's a wonderful thing. Players don't usually do that."

On Tim Drevno and offensive line: "He's at the highest level at training offensive linemen. The details, the specifics, steps, the guys have embraced it. This is AP (Advanced Placement) football. We don't have a lot of offensive linemen, but we've got good players and they're going to graduate."

On goals: If people aren't laughing at your goals, then you haven't set them high enough.

On Jabrill Peppers: "A competitor at the highest level, he could be our best slot receiver, best return man. He can do it all."

Harbaugh set to meet with "Big Ten Live" crew

Jim Harbaugh is getting ready to sit down at the set with the Big Ten Live crew. He'll do a 10-15 minute session with the crew, which is anchored by Dave Revsine.

Harbaugh says Darboh is Michigan's top receiver

Despite what most analysts might say, Jim Harbaugh stated during his time with the media that he thinks Amara Darboh has taken the mantle from Jehu Chesson as Michigan's top receiver.

Harbaugh said that it was an intense competition between the two in the spring, but he thinks Darboh is the man right now.

"I would say he's our top receiver," Harbaugh said. "All last year I thought that was CHesson, but Darboh showed up during spring ball."

Harbaugh takes the podium and talks Michigan Football

Jim Harbaugh fielded questions from the media for about 15 minutes. He'll be joining the crew of Big Ten Live at 3:15. Here are some of the highlights from Harbaugh's initial meeting with the media.

On Jake Butt: "He's an outstanding tight end, one of the most gung-ho players I've ever been around. He walks out of meeting with a bounce in his step, excited to get on the field."

On Jourdan Lewis: "He has been at every practice, every drill. He's a competitor who wants to get better every day. He's just a pleasure to be around. He doesn't act like the big man on campus."

On hype: "We have big hopes, dreams, lofty goals and all those are achievable. They have to be worked for."

On freshmen: "We have some very good freshman that have the ability and license to play. One of my favorite things about our program is that you will be known by your effort and your talent."

On rap video: My default is usually "yes, why not? I think the cool people liked it."

On Michael Jordan being honorary captain: "Proud and honored to share the field with Jordan. Proud and honored to have the jumpman on our uniforms."

Minnesota coach chimes in on kickoff rules

With the Ivy League moving kickoffs up to the 40-yard line, Minnesota's Tracy Claeys says he believes that if the numbers continue to show how dangerous of a play kickoffs really are, then it's up to the coaches in the Big Ten to take a look at changing the rules. He thinks that making kickoffs man-to-man blocking, as opposed to letting two to three guys key on one guy, deserves a chance before completely eliminating kickoffs.

Harbaugh's time at the podium nearing

Penn State's James Franklin just wrapped up his time at the podium. Minnesota's Tracy Claeys is up next before Jim Harbaugh takes center stage in Chicago.

We'll be on top of everything Harbaugh related today. He'll be taking questions from the podium before an hour-long face-to-face around 3:30.

Day 1 at Big Ten's annual media days

Big Ten football kicks off its annual two-day media event Monday in Chicago. Northwestern’s Pat Fitzgerald, Purdue’s Darrell Hazell, Rutgers’ Chris Ash, Penn State’s James Franklin, Minnesota’s Tracy Claeys and Michigan’s Jim Harbaugh are all on the docket to speak today. Each coach will address the media during a 15-minute session with an opening statement followed by a Q&A portion.

Nebraska coach Mike Riley, quarterback Tommy Armstrong Jr., linebacker Josh Banderas and wide receiver Jordan Westerkamp will not participate in the media days following the death of senior punter Sam Foltz, who died in a car crash with former Michigan State punter Mike Sadler Saturday night in Wisconsin.

Prior to the start of Day 1, the Big Ten released its preseason honors list that included Michigan’s Jabrill Peppers, Michigan State’s Malik McDowell and Iowa’s Desmond King (East English Village).

Hot topics for Harbaugh: Satellite camps, submarines

Hot topics for Dantonio: Revamped offense, division bid