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College Football Preview Show

The Detroit News

Stick with us for the next 25 minutes for a preview of Michigan State, Michigan, the Big Ten and the entire college football playoff picture. The best college football team in Michigan – Wojo, John Niyo, Matt Charboneau and Angelique Chengelis – will give you a glimpse of what they see for the week and season ahead.

WOJO: Welcome to The Detroit News College Football Preview Show, I’m Wojo, Bob Wojnowski, columnist for The Detroit News. He’s John Niyo, columnist for The News who did survive the Rio Olympics. Congratulations, John.

We’re going to take you across college football – to Ann Arbor, to East Lansing, maybe we’ll go to Tuscaloosa, too. Why not?

JOHN: And Columbus in between.

WOJO: And Columbus in between. We are setting up for what I think is one of the really fascinating local college football seasons because all of those years of Michigan State being up here, and Michigan around there, they are kind of meeting at the same level for the first time in many years. And you’ve also got Ohio State in there. You’ve got all three of them in the top 12 or 13 in the country. Johnny, is this shaping up – do you mind if I call you Johnny?

JOHN: Please, go ahead.

WOJO: Is this shaping up, do you think, as one of the most competitive, a) Big Ten seasons and, b) Michigan-Michigan State seasons we’ve had maybe in ever?

JOHN: Yeah, and I think we got a taste of it last year.

WOJO: Little taste, yeah.

JOHN: Michigan returned to the table and the team responded to the coach maybe as well as the fans did, or close to it – 10 win season for Michigan. But they didn’t quite turn the tables yet. They lost the crazy punt game to Michigan State …

WOJO: They declined to play the final 10 seconds of that game for some reason.

JOHN: They declined to play the second half against Ohio State.

WOJO: That’s true, too.

JOHN: And so that’s the question this year – can they come all the way back now and sort of flip the table.

Columnists John Niyo and Bob Wojnowski host the college football preview show.