Connor Cook plans to be back at MSU next year

East Lansing -- Early on Tuesday, Michigan State quarterback Connor Cook said on the "Dan Patrick Show" that he has every intention of returning next year for his senior season.

After practice on Tuesday, he reiterated his position while leaving just a little room for the possibility that stance could change.

"That's the main goal," Cook said when asked if he was returning for his senior season. "I've always talked about it with my parents and stuff and you want to use all of your eligibility and Michigan State is a great place. I've had a lot of fun here and have a lot of great relationships. You never want to kiss stuff goodbye. I looked at the same as graduating from high school and not enrolling early in college. You only have one prom, you only go to high school once, like you only go to college once is how I look at it. Things could change if, you know, things go really well. But my main priority is to use up my years at Michigan State."

Really well would mean Michigan State had a great finish to the season and, more importantly, that Cook would be projected as a sure-fire first-round pick in the NFL Draft. That might not be much of a stretch considering Cook is the 12th overall prospect in the draft and the third-best quarterback, according to

And while Cook likely will have to answer the question again, he's not paying attention to the rnakings.

"I don't think that's gonna happen," Cook said. "I don't' know, but I'm not really focusing on that. Obviously the season is important and that what's my focus is on."