MSU fans sound off on Harbaugh on social media

What the Michigan State fans were saying this week on social media in the wake of Jim Harbaugh's hiring as Michigan's new head football coach:

Jeff Daniels


Welcome and congratulations to Jim Harbaugh. Rivalries just became rivalries again. Very exciting. And my kids went to State.

Jesse Bernstein

Give me a break, they (Wolverines) are celebrating an offseason while MSU plays in an actual bowl game of top-10 teams.

Jonathan Schopp

Agree with the victory need (MSU against Baylor in Cotton Bowl), but unlike past eras, Spartans Football seems secure & comfortable in its own skin. (Harbaugh) will be fun.

Andrew Monticello

UM always "wins" offseason (recruiting, Nussmeier, etc). MSU just keeps winning. Jim Harbaugh hire doesn't dictate need to win.

Devang Desai

The way to deal with (Harbaugh) is win. But (MSU's) program is no stranger to being ignored. They'll be just fine.


The idea that MSU will be a moment in time because of the loss of Narduzzi and the arrival of Harbaugh is laughable.

Tony Piccoli

I want Harbaugh to go to UM so that Michigan will be competitive again. That way when MSU beats your (butts) (again) it'll be meaningful.

Todd Gibbs

via Facebook

From a Sparty fan ... very impressed with Coach Harbaugh's press conference. I have no doubt he will turn the Michigan program around. IF he beats the Spartans, that's on us. We need to step up and meet the challenge. I refuse to hate on "Go Blue." Their rise makes the Big Ten better.

Gary Brey

via Facebook

I hope he can win so when MSU continues to beat (UM) it is a somewhat relevant win.

William Brandel

via Facebook

Marriucci II? It will be good if he could make Michigan competitive again. UM's performance has hurt the Big Ten. With the playoffs, Michigan is going to finally earn its way to the big stage. It takes more than an announcement and a fat contract to do that.