Garrick Sherman: 'No remorse' over Twitter rant

Matt Charboneau
The Detroit News
Garrick Sherman

Hours after a Twitter rant that blasted the NCAA and threw some former teammates under the bus, one-time Michigan State basketball player Garrick Sherman was back on the social media platform Thursday wishing he'd worded his comments better but hardly backing off.

On Wednesday, Sherman, who played at Michigan State from two seasons until transferring to Notre Dame after the 2010-11 season, took shots at the NCAA while including colorful anecdotes about his former coach, Tom Izzo, and saying he helped teammate Durrell Summers get around a drug test at the Final Four.

By Thursday morning he had deleted the posts but said he still stood behind what he said, adding he said some "obnoxious things," but that the notifications "were killing me."

"So no I don't have remorse. My goal was to antagonize and have some fun, both accomplished," he posted.

On Wednesday, Sherman stated he had been drinking before firing off a post about playing in the Final Four as a freshman.

"At the final four izzo told me 'not to ----- embarrass myself in front of a crowd bigger than my home town' after I air balled a shot."

But that was just the beginning for the 6-foot-10 forward who is now playing overseas in the country of Georgia.

He later posted he urinated "in a condom and gave it to Durrell summers to pass a drug test. Suck it #NCAA #stillwenttothefinalfour #suckstobeyou."

Sherman said in later posts his issue wasn't with Michigan State but the NCAA, though he did wonder if coach Tom Izzo "might actually hate me more (if that's possible) when he loses scholarships cause I drunkenly spilled half his team smoked weed."

If following posts he continued to hammer home that his issue was not with Michigan State.

"You guys miss the entire point lol every team in NCAA smokes. My point is NCAA is a joke. I still cheer for MSU. I have no resentment at all."

He added, "If nothing else gets accomplished. Let this Twitter rant show the inability of the ncaa to do anything at all of substance."

Michigan State officials said on Thursday they had no comment on Sherman's posts.