This is a text message conversation between Michigan State softball player Alyssa McBride and team manager Benjamin Hayden. The account was obtained by Michigan State Police during an investigation into allegations McBride was intentionally hit during batting practice by Spartans assistant Jessica Bograkos for comments the player made regarding her time with the program.

McBride (7:24 p.m.): And everyone saw it and knew

Hayden (7:24 p.m.): Are you serious????

Hayden (7:25 p.m.): No way

Hayden (7:25 p.m.): Coach J told her to

Hayden (7:25 p.m.): I heard her on bus

Hayden (7:25 p.m.): I’m going to Hollis

McBride (7:25 p.m.): Wait what?

Hayden (7:25 p.m.): She told Beech to hit her, because if you got suspicious they can just say it was an accident. But if JJ did something it’s considered “coach retaliation”

Hayden (7:25 p.m.): And that’s not allowed cause parents freak out

Hayden (7:26 p.m.): So JJ told coach B to hit you

Hayden (7:26 p.m.): But I didn’t know who they were talking about

Hayden (7:26 p.m.): I thought it was hypothetical

Hayden (7:26 p.m.): I’m going to Hollis

Hayden (7:26 p.m.): I knew it

Hayden (7:27 p.m.): I ------- KNEW it

Hayden (7:27 p.m.): Dammit I wish my phone was recording

Hayden (7:27 p.m.): They’d be fired in a heart beat

Hayden (7:27 p.m.): Oh well I know Andrea and Gasso heard it too

Hayden (7:27 p.m.): And I know Andrea won’t lie if she gets involved

Hayden (7:27 p.m.): They’re gonna get canned for that

McBride (7:28 p.m.): Omg

Hayden (7:29 p.m.): I’m serious lyss

Hayden (7:29 p.m.): If you don’t want me to cause of your scholarship stuff next season I won’t

Hayden (7:29 p.m.): But I want to

McBride (7:31 p.m.): Why would they try to hit me tho?

McBride (7:32 p.m.): I want u to

McBride (7:32 p.m.): You have to back me up all the way tho

Hayden (7:32 p.m.): Because of what you said

Hayden (7:32 p.m.) JJ was mad

Hayden (7:32 p.m.): I’ll back you up 100%

Hayden (7:32 p.m.): No one deserves that

Hayden (7:32 p.m.): Oh I’ve been waiting for this

Hayden (7:32 p.m.): Wait until finals are over

Hayden (7:32 p.m.): I can get in with Hollis

Hayden (7:32 p.m.): You can just come with me

McBride (7:33 p.m.): You need to do it asap tho or they wont believe it

Hayden (7:33 p.m.): Well, that’s up to you.

McBride (7:33 p.m.): U should go in yourself first

Hayden (7:33 p.m.): If you want me to I will go in tomorrow.

Hayden (7:33 p.m.): Okay I will

McBride (7:35 p.m.): Do it!

McBride (7:35 p.m.): I just want her fired so no one gets treated as bad as i did