MSU’s Cook: Fridge has plenty of food, ‘no beer’

Matt Charboneau
The Detroit News
Michigan State quarterback Connor Cook raises his helmet in salute to chanting fans while being interviewed by TV after Saturday night's victory over Oregon.

Michigan State quarterback Connor Cook appeared on the “Dan Patrick Show” on Tuesday morning, and per usual on Patrick’s show, it wasn’t a typical interview.

The line of questions ranged from “Does Mark Dantonio ever smile?’ to, “Is (your) apartment a brofest? Set the scene for me.”

The fun stuff came when Patrick asked Cook to describe what was in his refrigerator shared by Cook and wide receiver AJ Troup. There was plenty of the standard fare — salsa, vegetables, butter, macaroni salad, a half-eaten chicken breast. But Patrick wanted the real scoop.

Cook is a college kid, so, was there any beer in there?

“No beer,” Cook said. “Nah, no beer.”

Patrick responded beer was all he had in his refrigerator in college.

“Well, we’ve got some goals to accomplish this year,” Cook answered. “And we can’t do that by drinking beer.”

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There was plenty more interesting stuff in the interview. Patrick asked Cook if he was the best quarterback in the Big Ten.

It was something the fifth-year senior wanted to avoid.

“I don’t know that,” Cook said. “I’m not gonna say that. I know the answer. … I just don’t need to say stuff like that. I’ll keep it to myself.”

Patrick then asked who the second-best quarterback was and Cook responded with all of Michigan State’s backups, including Tyler O’Connor and Damion Terry.

Cook revealed some other nuggets, as well, like the fact Mark Dantonio does actually smile — “All the time. … Coach D is a great guy. The only time people see him is on game day. And on game day, everybody has their game face on.”

Patrick also wondered if Cook would have been back for his senior season if Michigan State won a national title last year.

“That’s a good question,” Cook said. “I really don’t know the answer to that. There would be some thought going into it. But who knows? I’m here at Michigan State living out the dream.”