MSU's Cook thinks he’ll be picked in second round

The Detroit News
Connor Cook

Former Michigan State quarterback Connor Cook was a guest on “The Dan Patrick Show” Wednesday, and he said he was anticipating being selected in the second round of the NFL draft Friday night.

"I’m honestly going into this draft expecting the unexpected,” Cook said. “You know obviously going in the first round, that’s great. That would be a huge blessing. And I think I deserve to hear my named called. But anything could happen, so If I don’t get my named called (in the first round) I’m not going to be that upset because I’m thinking I’m going to go in the second round. I’m going into it more thinking I’m going in the second round and if I hear my named called on Thursday night, then that’s awesome.”

Cook said he visited eight teams.

“As of right now I think the 49ers like me,” Cook said. “I’ve heard the Denver Broncos like me and the Dallas Cowboys. I’ve felt that every place I’ve visited, the people like me.”