Neither UM nor MSU are installing metal detectors

The Detroit News

Unlike Wisconsin, neither Michigan nor Michigan State plans to install metal detectors at its venues.

Beginning Saturday with a Milwaukee Bucks exhibition game, fans at Wisconsin’s Kohl Center must pass through metal detectors to enter.

“The safety and security of the competitors, fans and staff is our No. 1 concern.”Spartans deputy athletic director Greg Ianni said. “The Michigan State University Police Department is responsible for the security at our venues. And while they are not, at this time, planning the use of metal detectors, they will continue to assess our situation and implement the policies and procedures they deem necessary.”

UM associated athletic director Kurt Svoboda said: “We don’t currently have plans to install metal detectors in our venues. We continue to benchmark and collaborate with event partners in an effort to ensure the well-being of community members at U-M.”