Live updates: MSU wins on Coghlin's boot

Eric Coughlin
The Detroit News
Michigan State wide receiver Felton Davis III, defended by Penn State cornerback Christian Campbell, catches a 33-yard touchdown pass Saturday.

Michigan State battles Penn State Saturday in a key game in the Big Ten East championship race. Follow the action here throughout the game with live updates by Eric Coughlin of The Detroit News.

Mark Dantonio's teams always seem to show up for big games.

In a bizarre, exciting game, Michigan State's Matt Coghlin hit a 34-yard field goal as regulation expired to win 27-24 over Penn State.

Brian Lewerke was excellent, going 33-for-56 passing for 400 yards, two touchdowns, and on interception.

Despite rainy conditions and a three-hour delay, the MSU (7-2, 5-1 Big Ten) offense relied on the passing game all day--LJ Scott was MSU's leading rusher with 43 yards.

Penn State (7-2, 4-2) quarterback Trace McSorley put up big numbers, in the form of 381 yards and three touchdowns but also gave away three interceptions.

MSU put itself right back into the thick of the Big Ten title race, while making it very unlikely a Big Ten team gets into the playoffs.

MSU wins on Coghlin's boot

Davis plucked a pass off the ground for a nine-yard gain, his 12th catch of the day. Scott picked up the first down on a short run. From MSU's 45, Lewerke scrambled back to the line of scrimmage. On second and ten, Lewerke found Rison just short of the first down. Scott ran again for the first down with a short gain. On first and ten from PSU's 43, Lewerke's pass fell incomplete. Darrell Stewart caught a short pass, and on third and four, Lewerke's pass was ripped from the arms of White, but PSU was flagged for roughing the passer, giving MSU a first down. With 49 seconds left from PSU's 22, Scott ran to the 19-yard line in the center of the field. PSU took a time out with 40 seconds left. On second and seven, Scott ran to PSU's 15, clock ticking. With four seconds left, MSU's Matt Coghlin's 34-yard field goal attempt was good. 27-24 MSU final score.

PSU turns it over on downs

Lewerke ran for 12 yard, then Cody White made a one-handed catch for a 17-yard gain. From PSU's 39, Lewerke threw an incompletion. After a pass interference flag on PSU, Lewerke's pass was dropped by Sokol, setting up second and ten. Lewerke then threw a pass along the right sideline that Davis kept inbounds, but then it was intercepted by Amani Oruwariye. Barkley ran for four yards on first down. McSorley was sacked, setting up third and long. McSorley then hit Gesicki, who ran for the first down. Barkley then picked up five on the ground. On second down from PSU's 25, McSorley found Johnson for a 20-yard pass, plus a roughing the passer penalty. From MSU's 38, McSorley threw an incomplete pass. On second and 10, McSorley was flagged for intentional grounding. On 3rd and 18, McSorley threw to Gesicki, who got within three yards of the first down. PSU went for it and McSorley's slant pass went through Thompkins hands. 24-24 with 4:05 left in the fourth quarter.

McSorley turns it over again

PSU started on its 25. McSorley dumped it off for an eight-yard gain. Barkley got the first down. From its 37, McSorley completed a six-yard pass. On second and four, receiver Juwan Johnson caught a five-yard catch. From midfield, McSoryley threw a long pass but it was intercepted by safety David Dowell, his second pick of the game.

MSU ties it with field goal

MSU started near at its 41. Lewerke threw an incomplete pass on first down, setting up second and ten. White caught a ball on a crossing route for a four-yard gain. On third and six, Lewerke's pass was behind Davis, but Davis adjusted to it to make the catch for a first down. Lewerke hit a 12-yard completion. On first and ten, Lewerke overthrew Rison for an incompletion. From PSU's 29, Lewerke hit White on another crossing route, setting up third and four. Lewerke scrambled to his right and found Davis for the first down. On first down, Lewerke's ball sailed incomplete. From PSU's 18, White took a jet sweep for a short gain, setting up third and six. Lewerke's pass went nowhere, and MSU hit the field goal. 24-24

PSU strikes fast, takes lead

McSorley found a wide open Thompkins after Josiah Scott stumbled, and PSU had the most explosive play of the day, a 70-yard touchdown pass. 24-21 PSU

MSU goes three and out

After a touchback, Lewerke had White wide open but underthrew the ball, and it was nearly intercepted. On second and 10, Scott caught a pass, but MSU was flagged for facemasking. Lewerke scrambled for two yards, setting up third and 20. Lewerke scrambled for 15 yards, and MSU was forced to punt.

PSU hits field goal

PSU started on its 21. McSorley was sacked for a one-yard loss on first down, then found Barkley for  a first down. From its own 40, Barkley ran for seven yards. On second and three a McSorley pass gained two yards. McSorley faked a pitch to Barkley and ran for 13 yards down to MSU's 38. Barkley ran for one yard on first down, then McSorley threw it away, setting up third and nine. Hamilton caught a receiver screen and broke several tackles to gain 21 yards. From MSU's 15, Barkley ran for three yards. Gesicki took a tight end screen for four yards, setting up third and three. McSorley's pass was knocked away. Tyler Davis knocked through the field goal. 21-17 MSU.

MSU takes 7-point lead

After a six-yard run from Scott, Davis caught two consecutive passes to get MSU to its 31. A Holmes run made it third and short, and Lewerke hit Stewart underneath for a first down, but MSU was flagged for offensive pass interference. On third and 18, Lewerke found Davis who eluded several would-be tacklers for a 36-yard gain into PSU territory. After a Lewerke overthrow, he was sacked, setting up third and long. Wide receiver Hunter Rison got open on a wheel route to get the first down at PSU's 20. Then Rison made a diving catch at the three yard-line, setting up first and goal. Scott punched it in, 21-14 MSU.

MSU on own 9-yard line

After a short gain, Barkley took a toss for a big gain, putting PSU into MSU territory. McSorley then threw three incomplete passes, setting up fourth down. The punt was fair-caught inside the ten.

MSU goes three and out

MSU started on its 26. Scott ran for no gain, then Davis dropped a pass, setting up third and ten. Lewerke scrambled to his right and his pass was batted down. PSU got the ball back at their own 26. Still 14-14.

Halftime, 14-14

PSU ran the clock out with a run, and the first half ended 14-14.

PSU backed up

Brian Lewerke threw a perfectly-placed ball to wide receiver Cody White, who appeared to barely stay inbounds deep in PSU territory, but he was ruled out of bounds on review. On second and ten Lewerke threw it away, setting up third and ten from PSU's 36. Lewerke's pass sailed out of bounds, and MSU punted to PSU's 4.

McSorley turns it over

After a screen attempt to Barkley fell incomplete, a long McSorley throw was intercepted by MSU.

Punts traded, PSU ball

Saquon Barkley fielded the kickoff at PSU's 2 and only got it to the 7. After a McSorley incompletion, Barkley was dragged down in the backfield by Raequan Williams. On third and 14, McSorley's pass fell incomplete, leading to a punt. MSU started at their 45. An LJ Scott screen lost yardage. Lewerke found Sokol for a near first down. On third and one from PSU's 46, Scott squirted through the line for a first down. Scott then caught a screen for a one-yard loss. Campbell then made a nice pass break-up, setting up third and long. Lewerke scrambled to his left and threw it away. The punt went for a touchback.

Davis lays out for MSU touchdown

After a short Gerald Holmes run, PSU cornerback Christian Campbell was flagged for pass interference. After another short run, Lewerke ran for six yards, putting MSU into PSU territory. Gerald Holmes had a nice run on a screen, and then Felton David laid out in the end zone to pull in a touchdown. 14-14

Game resumes, Spartans with ball

On third and four, Lewerke found tight end Matt Sokol for a three-yard gain. They went for it on fourth down, but Scott was stuffed at the line, turning the ball over. Barkley ran for no gain, then McSorley threw incomplete over the midde. On third and ten, McSorley's long pass down the sideline intended for Barkley was batted away, forcing a punt. Still 14-7 Penn State.

Game delayed until 4:38 p.m.

On first down, Lewerke threw a long ball, but it was defended well and fell incomplete. A quick throw was again broken up, setting up third and ten. Lewerke scrambled to his right and found Stewart who ran for most of a 24-yard gain. Felton Davis then caught a pass on the left sideline for a first down. On first down, LJ Scott lowered his head for a tough six-yard gain. The game was then delayed due to weather. PSU still up 14-7 in the second quarter. The game will likely be delayed at least 30 minutes. A mandatory evacuation of Spartan Stadium was ordered. At approximately 1:40 there was a lightning strike nearby, meaning the game wouldn't resume until 2:10 at the earliest. At approximately 2 p.m, it was announced the game would resume at 4 p.m. At approximately 2:40 the estimated start time was pushed back to 4:15. The new estimated start time is 4:38 p.m.

MSU defense makes stop

On play action, McSorley hit a gain for eight yards. Another toss into the flat gained PSU the first down. McSorley was then sacked for a loss of two. On second and 12, a Gesicki screen only gained three yards, and on third and nine, McSorley found a receiver for a short gain. PSU punted on fourth and five, and MSU started on its 17.

MSU gives it back to PSU

Lewerke found Stewart on the sideline, setting up second and short. Lewerke was sacked, putting MSU back to their 46. On third and ten, Scott broke several tackles but couldn't gain any yards, and MSU punted. Still 14-7 PSU. MSU fans were not impressed with a run play on third and ten:

14-7 PSU after first quarter

After an incompletion, Davis caught a ball for a big gain, putting MSU near midfield. The first quarter ended with the score 14-7 for PSU.

PSU scores on 4th down, retakes lead

After a touchback, Gesicki caught a ball and ran over a defender for a nine-yard gain. Barkley picked up the first down. Hamilton caught a screen and then eluded three tacklers to get into MSU territory. McSorley was under pressure and threw the ball away. On second and ten, McSorley hit Hamilton on play action for a first down. Hamilton then dropped a pass that probably would have been a touchdown, setting up second and ten. After an incompletion, McSorley ran for a short gain, but PSU went for it on 4th and 8 instead of trying to kick a 44-yard field goal. Saeed Blacknall caught a pass well short of the first down line but broke several tackles to not only get the first down but a touchdown. 14-7 Penn State.

MSU answers back with touchdown

After a PSU late hit on the kickoff, MSU started at their 48. Lewerke hit two consecutive passes over the middle, each for first downs, and MSU had it on PSU's 17. PSU was called for pass interference, moving the ball inside the 5. LJ Scott was then hauled down for a loss and MSU was flagged for holding, moving the ball back to the 12-yard line. On first and goal, Lewerke found Scott on play action for a touchdown, but MSU was flagged for an ineligible receiver downfield. Tight end Felton Davis caught the ball on a crossing route to bring it inside the 10. On second and goal, Leweke hit wide receiver Darrell Stewart in the end zone, who fought off a defender for the touchdown. 7-7 3:28 left in the first quarter.

PSU moves ball with ease, scores

McSorley hit receiver DaeSean Hamilton on a run-pass option for a first down. Barkley ran for a yard, setting up 2nd & 9. McSorley completed a pass to wide receiver DeAndre Thompkins for a first down, then McSorley scrambled for a one-yard gain. Barkley then shifted over to quarterback, took the snap and hit Gesicki for another first down. McSorley then completed another pass for a first down, and PSU was in MSU territory. On first down, Hamilton caught the ball on a crossing route and stiff-armed his way into the end zone. It appeared that Hamilton lost control of the ball as he crossed the end zone but regained it after he was in the end zone. 7-0 PSU in the first quarter.

Game starts with two punts

Penn State started on their own 25 after a touchback. Trace McSorley started things with an incomplete pass. Tight end Mike Gesicki then made an impressive 16-yard catch against the sideline. On first down, McSorley shoveled a pass to running back Saquon Barkley for four yards. After a pass batted down by MSU McSorley found Barkley on a crossing route for a first down. After a one-yard loss, McSorley overthrew an open receiver to set up 3rd & 11. Flushed from the pocket, McSorley again overthrew his receiver and linebacker Joe Bachie came down with the interception. MSU quarterback Brian Lewerke threw a quick out for a few yards then threw an interception. Running back LJ Scott made a catch and then hurdled a defender for the first down. After a short Scott run, MSU was set back by an unnecessary roughness penalty. A running back screen gained a few yards and then Lewerke threw into a tight window for a first down. Scott ran for five yards, then another short gain, but Lewerke's throw was incomplete on third down, forcing a punt. PSU got the ball inside their own 10. Still 0-0.

Michigan State has won the coin toss and deferred to the second half.


When: Saturday, noon

Where: Spartan Stadium, East Lansing

TV / radio: Fox / WJR 760

Records: Michigan State 6-2 (4-1 Big Ten), Penn State 7-1 (4-1)

Line: Penn State by 8.5


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