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Recap: MSU suffers 16-13 loss on last-second FG

By Nolan Bianchi
The Detroit News

Final leaders


MSU - Brian Lewerke: 27/39, 314 yds., TD, INT

ASU - Manny Wilkins: 30/48, 380 yds., TD, INT


MSU - Connor Heyward: 5 atts., 22 yds.

ASU - Eno Benjamin: 13 atts., 27 yds.


MSU - Cody White: 9 recs., 113 yds., TD

ASU - Kyle Williams: 7 recs., 104 yds.

Final team stats

Passing yards

MSU - 317

ASU - 424

Rushing yards

MSU - 63

ASU - 44

Total yards

MSU - 377

ASU - 424

Arizona State wins on last-second field goal

Arizona State wastes no time in getting up the field. 

Passes to Eno Benjamin and Ryan Jenkins yield a total of 36 yards. 

Two consecutive incomplete passes on first and second down make it third-and-10 at the Michigan State 41.

Justin Layne is called for pass interference on a a third-down incompletion and the potential winning drive is still alive.

Wilkins rushes for 13 yards, getting to the 16 for another first down. 

Benjamin gets four yards on first down.

Timeout Michigan State (2:14 4th)

Benjamin picks up a new set of downs with a 6-yard run on second down and it'll be first-and-goal from the 6.

Timeout Michigan State (2:09 4th)

Arizona State now has complete control of the clock, as the Spartans are out of timeouts.

Timeout Arizona State (2:09 4th)

Wilkins goes to the middle of the field and takes a knee, which'll run the clock down to 1:21. Wilkins takes another knee on second down and again on third.

Timeout Arizona State (0:03 4th)

Out comes Brandon Ruiz for the potential winning field goal.

His 28-yard attempts splits the uprights, and the Spartans will come home with a loss.

16-13 Arizona State (FINAL)

Michigan State struggles to get offense going in 4th

The Spartans will look to break the tie starting from their own 25-yard-line after a touchback.

Darrell Stewart reels in a three-yard catch on first down and Cody White pulls down an eight-yarder for a first down and then some.

On first down from the 36, Brian Lewerke tosses a screen pass to Connor Heyward, and he finds some room up the sideline to pick up 22 yards before being pushed out in Arizona State territory at the 42.

Lewerke is sacked on first down for a loss of five. He's then strip-sacked on second down. Zach Slade chases it down to save the possession, but it's third-and-34. Felton Davis gets 16 on third down and will punt from the 50.

A false start on the punt is blown dead, but not before Jake Hartbarger takes a helmet to the shin from a would-be attempted blocker. He's getting helped off the field. Talk about insult to injury.

Backup quarterback Rocky Lombardi will be out to boot it away. Ryan Newsome loses two yards on the return and Arizona State will take over at the 21.

13-13 tie (4:55 4th)

Arizona State ties it up through the air

Manny Wilkins throws a 38-yard pass to Kyle Williams and then finds N'Keal Harry for 27 yards and a touchdown. The Sun Devils go 65 yards in two plays to reach the end zone.

We got ourselves a tie ballgame, y'all.

13-13 tie (8:45 4th)

Michigan State gives ball right back

Michigan State is in a familiar position, backed up to its own end zone.

Cody White catches a 14-yard pass on the first play of the drive to give the Spartans some breathing room.

Brian Lewerke rushes for two yards on first down and tosses it to Darrell Stewart on second down for a gain of four to make it third-and-4 from the 23. Lewerke's pass falls to the ground on third down and the Spartans will give the ball right back.

Ryan Newsome returns the punt to the 35-yard-line.

13-6 Michigan State (9:12 4th)

Arizona State can't seize offensive opportunities

Justin Lane is called for defensive holding on the first play of the drive and that'll give Arizona State 10 free yards.

Manny Wilkins goes deep on his next three passes, but they all fall incomplete. The Sun Devils will give Michigan State the ball right back.

Michael Sleep-Dalton's put is downed at the Michigan State 3-yard-line.

13-6 Michigan State (11:08 4th)

Blocked punt gives Arizona State great field position

Arizona State's kickoff goes out of the end zone. Michigan State has first-and-10 from the 25.

La'Darius Jefferson gains three yards on the ground on first down. Darrell Stewart catches a screen pass and gets upfield for a gain of nine and a first down at the 37.

Matt Allen is called for holding on a first-down run by Lewerke and it'll be first-and-20. Cody White gets nine of those yards back with a nine-yard reception. Heyward catches a six-yard pass on second down to make it third-and-5. Lewerke rolls out, the pass is knocked away, and nearly picked off by Arizona State. The Spartans will punt.

Jake Hartbarger's punt is partially blocked by Tyler Johnson and goes just 20 yards. The Sun Devils will take over with great field position.

13-6 Michigan State (11:41 4th)

Michigan State defense bends, doesn't break

Arizona State will look to get back in the game starting from its own 25.

Eno Benjamin rushes for two yards on first down and Manny Wilkins misses his receiver on second down. His pass on third down is complete to Frank Darby for a gain of 14 yards, which is then extended by a facemask penalty to make it first-and-10 at the Michigan State 45.

Wilkins keeps things moving with his arm, finding N'Keal Harry for a gain of 16 and Ryan Newsome for 22 yards on the last play of the third quarter. 

After a brief commercial break, it'll be first-and-goal from the 7.

13-3 Michigan State (End 3rd)

Benjamin is stopped for no gain on first down. Justin Layne makes a textbook breakup on a pass to the end zone intended for N'Keal Harry force third-and-goal. Wilkins overthrows Darby on third-and-goal. 

Brandon Ruiz hits the 24-yard field goal and it's a one-score game once again.

13-6 Michigan State (14:19 4th)

Lewerke tosses touchdown pass to White

Connor Heyward and La'Darius Jefferson run for five and six yards, respectively, on first and second down to give Michigan State a first down at the 41.

Cody White draws a 15-yard pass interference call that'll advance the Spartans into Arizona State territory at the 44. Brian Lewerke goes to White again on the next play, this time for a 15-yard completion.

The Spartans keep it moving with the running game, getting down to the Arizona 16 before a penalty draws them back to the 31.

Lewerke throws it to White in the end zone and the Spartan receiver pulls it down for a touchdown.

13-3 Michigan State (1:27 3rd)

Arizona State drive ends with third-down sack

Arizona State has completely prioritized its passing game, and its moving quickly down the field with a 14-yard pass to Ryan Newsom and seven-yard completions to Tommy Hudson and Frank Darby.

Eno Benjamin rushes to the 36 with a gain of two on first down. Both yards are lost via a Manny Wilkins sack on the next play. Tre Person knocks the ball loose from Wilkins on third down, but the Sun Devil quarterback is able to recover it to at least preserve the opportunity to punt.

Cody White calls for a fair catch at the 30.

6-3 Michigan State (4:24 3rd)

Michigan State goes three-and-out

Darrell Stewart takes a knee in the end zone and the Spartans will look to extend its lead starting from the 25.

Brian Lewerke throws three straight incomplete passes and the Spartans will be forced to punt.

Somebody get Jake Hartbarger a helmet sticker. His punt goes 74 yards and is downed at the Arizona 6.

6-3 Michigan State (7:18 3rd)

Field goal gets Sun Devils within 3

Michigan State's kickoff is taken for a touchback. Arizona State will start its drive from the 25.

N'Keal Harry catches a nine-yard pass on first down. Kyle Williams catches a ball near the sideline, jukes a defender, and gets to the Michigan State 48-yard-line with an 18-yard gain.

Mark Dantonio burns a timeout to avoid being penalized for having 12 men on the field.

Timeout Michigan State (8:41 3rd)

Wilkins has all day to throw on first down and hits a wide-open Ryan Jenkins for a gain of 13 to move the chains. 

On first-and-10 from the 35, Wilkins misses Harry. It's called for holding on second down. It's second-and-20. Wilkins goes to Frank Darby down the sideline, but great coverage from Josh Butler knocks the ball loose. Wilkins tries to pick up the first down with his legs, but he's forced out at the 31. 

Joe Bachie is shaken up on the play but walks off under his own power.

Brandon Ruiz trots out to try a 49-yard field goal. His kick sneaks over the uprights and its a three-point game once again.

6-3 Michigan State (7:48 3rd)

Another red zone field goal gives Michigan State 6-0 lead

The second half is underway. Michigan State will start its opening drive of the third quarter from the 25.

LJ Scott rushes for four yards on first down. Lewerke connects with Felton Davis for an 11-yard gain to the 40-yard-line.

Lewerke dumps it to Connor Heyward, who gets two yards before being taken down in the open field. Lewerke throws it through four Arizona State defenders to hit Cody White for a gain of eight and a first down at the 50.

Lewerke is forced way back by the Sun Devil pass rush and he chucks one up to Darrell Stewart, who comes down with it cleanly and gains 23 yards. First down Michigan State at the 27.

The first and second down passes fall incomplete. On third-and-10, Davis gets open on a comeback route and keeps the chains moving with a gain of 12. 

Michigan State is now 4-for-7 on third down tonight.

A 1-yard run from Lewerke makes it second-and-9 at the 14. Jalen Nailor picks up seven on a jet sweep. Third down is a disaster from jump. Arizona State's D-line runs through the Spartans' interior linemen, forcing Lewerke to stumble as he hands it off to Heyward for a loss of three.

Matt Coghlin's try from 28 yards is good.

6-0 Michigan State (9:37 3rd)

First half leaders


MSU - Brian Lewerke: 11/16, 121 yds., INT

ASU - Manny Wilkins: 17/24, 159 yds., INT


MSU - Connor Heyward: 2 atts., 18 yds.

ASU - Eno Benjamin: 4 atts., 13 yds.


MSU - Cody White: 3 recs., 28 yds.

ASU - Kyle Williams: 5 recs., 48 yds.

Michigan State forces big turnover to end first half

Kyle Williams catches an 11-yard pass to get to the Arizona State 35. 

Manny Wilkins misses Williams on first down, gets it to Ryan Newsome for a gain of nine on second down and Eno Benjamin picks up the first down with a gain of four on third-and-1.

Wilkins' deep ball falls incomplete on first down, but he finds Williams on second down, getting to the 36 for a gain of 16, and The Arizona State offense is moving quickly.

Too quickly, perhaps. Wilkins' next throw is picked off by Matt Morrissey, thanks in part to a great pass rush from the Spartan front four.

3-0 Michigan State (0:34 2nd)

Lewerke takes two consecutive knees to expire the remaining 34 seconds on the clock.

Michigan State gives ball back quickly

Cody White catches a pass for 21 yards on first down with just over two minutes remaining on the clock.

Brian Lewerke misses LJ Scott on a screen pass on first-and-10 from the 32. Lewerke goes to Jalen Nailor on second down for a four yard gain.

Timeout Arizona State (2:04 2nd)

Lewerke rolls out and throws an incomplete pass to Darrell Stewart and the Sun Devils will have the chance to tie the game or take a lead before halftime.

3-0 Michigan State (1:50 2nd)

Arizona State can't capitalize on turnover

Manny Wilkins runs for three yards on first down and is crushed as he delivers a completed pass to Kyle Williams for a gain of 13 on second down to give Arizona State a first down at the 32.

N'Keal Harry catches an eight-yard pass on first down and Eno Benjamin rushes for a loss of one on second down to make it third-and-3.

Timeout Michigan State (4:29 2nd)

Harry catches a slant route for a gain of 10 and a fresh set of downs.

Wilkins' first down pass misses the mark. He keeps it on second down and shows off his his speed with a 13-yard run that'll make it first-and-10 from the Michigan State 38-yard-line.

Wilkins can't hit Frank Darby on first down and throws it to Benjamin for a loss of one to make it third-and-11. The pocket collapses on Wilkins and he looks to make a run for it once again, but is this time chased down by Joe Bachie behind the line. 

Cody White calls for a fair catch on the punt at the 11-yard-line.

3-0 Michigan State (2:43 2nd)

Lewerke throws red zone interception 

Brian Lewerke gives it to Connor Heyward to start the drive and he reaches the 48-yard-line for a gain of one. Lewerke's pass on second down is swatted at the line. Davis catches a third-down pass near the left sideline and he steps out for a gain of 18.

Cody White is swarmed behind the line at the Arizona State 31 for a loss of one on first down. Heyward picks up seven on the next play to make third down more manageable. Lewerke rolls to his left and throws across his body to White in the flat for a gain of eight as he gets to the Arizona State 16-yard-line.

Lewerke dishes it to LJ Scott and he cruises down the sideline before being taken out at the 3. It's first-and-goal.

Scott is tackled for a loss of three. On second-and-goal, Lewerke throws it to the end zone from his back foot; the ball is batted around before picked off by Dasmond Tautalatasi and returned to the 16-yard-line.

3-0 Michigan State (6:23 2nd)

Michigan State defense comes up with big stop on fourth down

Isaiah Floyd returns Cole Hahn's kickoff to the 17-yard-line, where the Arizona State offense will take the field with a three-point deficit. 

Eno Benjamin catches an 11-yard pass and gets to the Arizona State 28. 

An errant snap is picked up by Benjamin far behind the line of scrimmage, and he's tackled by Andrew Dowell for a loss of nine. Benjamin loses another yard on second down. It's third-and-20. Manny Wilkins finds Brandon Aiyuk for a gain of 23 to pick up a first down.

Floyd gets the handoff on first down from the 43 and gains two yards. Wilkins misses his target on second down and completes a third-down pass to Benjamin to make it fourth-and-1. The Sun Devils go for it on fourth down again, and this time Raequan Williams makes sure they don't convert. 

The Spartans will get the ball at Arizona State's 49-yard-line.

3-0 Michigan State (10:22 1st)

Spartans settle for field goal to take the lead

Brian Lewerke keeps it on first down from the 1 and fights up the middle for a gain of two to give the Spartans some breathing room. LJ Scott gets it on second down for a gain of three. Lewerke finds Darrell Stewart over the middle and he plows ahead to the 25-yard-line. Crisis averted.

Scott runs for a gain of seven on first down and Lewerke shows off his wheels with a quarterback keeper for a gain of six, good enough for a first down at the 38.

The Spartans stick with the running game on first down. This time its Connor Heyward picking up 11 yards and a Michigan State first down. 

He gets a screen pass, makes the first defender miss, and reaches the Arizona State 38. Jalen Nailor runs for nine yards on first down. Scott moves the chains with a gain of six.

Lewerke throws it complete to Felton Davis and the Spartans have reached the red zone on the last play of the quarter, which was played in less than thirty minutes.

0-0 tie (End 1st)

Scott carries the rock on second-and-3 from the 16 for a gain of two. Lewerke goes nowhere on third-and-1 with a quarterback sneak. The Spartans attempt to go for it on fourth down, but are called for delay of game. Matt Coghlin will be out to try the 37-yarder.

And it's good.

3-0 Michigan State (13:19 2nd)

Untimely penalties end promising Sun Devils drive

Brandon Aiyuk gets the pitch to start the Sun Devils drive. He goes up the middle for five yards, and Eno Benjamin gains two more on second down. Benjamin evades a handful of Spartan defenders after catching a pass in the backfield and advances for a gain of 11 to give Arizona State a first down.

Manny Wilkins throws to Kyle Williams for a gain of four on first down. On second-and-6, Benjamin shows off his ability to break tackles once more, fighting ahead to the 46 for a first down.

Isaiah Floyd gets the ball for a one-yard rush on first down. Wilkins finds Tommy Hudson for eight yards on second down to move into Michigan State territory. The Sun Devils offense is moving quickly. Floyd is dropped for no gain on third-and-1. Herm Edwards makes the call to go for it. 

Benjamin goes up the middle, fighting through Raequan Williams to move the sticks.

On first-and-10 from the Michigan State 45, Benjamin loses three yards. He gets one of those yards back on a completed pass from Wilkins to make it third-and-12. Arizona State is flagged for a false start, and the Sun Devils will need 17 yards to keep the drive alive. Then, a holding penalty adds 10 yards and forces Arizona State back into its own side of the field. Wilkins throws to N'Keal Harry for a gain of 19.

Michael Sleep-Dalton's punt takes a glorious bounce and is downed at the 1.

0-0 tie (5:50 1st)

Sun Devils defense gets ball back quickly

Brian Lewerke and the Michigan State offense trot out for their first drive of the game.

Lewerke finds Brandon Sowards for a gain of 16 on first down to move the chains on its first play from scrimmage.

LJ Scott rushes for no gain on first down from the 35, and Lewerke's second-down pass to Cody White falls incomplete. On third-and-10, Lewerke scrambles and dishes it to LJ Scott for a gain of three. The Spartans will have to punt.

Jake Hartbarger's punt is scooped up off a bounce by Brandon Aiyuk, who returns it four yards to his 18-yard-line.

0-0 tie (12:10 1st)

Michigan State forces three-and-out on opening drive

Michigan State has won the toss and has elected to kick. 

Cole Hahn boots it deep and Isaiah Floyd returns it to the Arizona State 20.

N'Keal Harry carries the ball for two yards on first down. Kyle Williams catches a screen pass a few inches from the grass and moves ahead for a four-yard gain to make it third-and-4. Manny Wilkins' third-down pass falls incomplete.

Cody White calls for a fair catch at the Michigan State 19.

0-0 tie (13:46 1st)


Michigan State got left tackle Cole Chewins back after he missed the opener, but it will be without linebacker Tyriq Thompson and defensive end Jacub Panasiuk.

Thompson, who got his first start last week, did not make the trip. MSU official did not give any further detail on why Thompson did not travel. Panasiuk suffered what appeared to be a shoulder injury late in the win over Utah State.

Chewins missed the opener with an undisclosed injury.


Kickoff: 10:45 p.m. Saturday, Sun Devil Stadium, Tempe, Ariz.

TV/radio: ESPN/760 WJR

Line: Michigan State by 6


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