Remember that 'Next Question' Mark Dantonio presser? Turns out, he was just trying to get home to a sick daughter

Tony Paul
The Detroit News
Mark Dantonio with his daughter Lauren.

Remember that epic Mark Dantonio "Next Question" press conference?

The hilarious postgame presser came after the 23-7 victory over Eastern Michigan on Sept. 12, 2012, following a tough loss to Notre Dame and before a tough game against Ohio State. Reporters peppered Dantonio with questions, and he answered most of them with a quick, snippy answer, followed by, "Next Question."

Reporters and fans surmised that Dantonio was just in a bad mood after a game that was closer than it probably should have been, or he was trying to motivate his team between two tough games.

Now, the truth comes out. Dantonio was actually trying to get back to his daughter Lauren, who was at home and sick.

Lauren Dantonio made the revelation during a tribute post to her father on Instagram  earlier this week. She then shared it on Twitter.

"A man who gave an infamous 'Next Question' media interview that, contrary to popular belief was not to push and provoke his team, but was simply hurried because he was trying to get home to his sick daughter, me," Lauren posted.

Lauren, one of Dantonio's two daughters, wrote the post in the wake of Dantonio becoming Michigan State's all-time winningest coach.

With the 31-10 victory at Northwestern on Sept. 21, Dantonio earned his 110th win at Michigan State, one more than the legendary Duffy Daugherty. It's a tenure that's included a trip to the College Football Playoff and a  win in the Rose Bowl.

"A week ago, you made history and became the winningest coach in Michigan State Football history," Lauren wrote in the lengthy Instagram post. "As I sit here and reflect on our time at MSU, I can’t help but be reminded that while you’re a great football coach (in fact, the best in my opinion), you’re an even better person. ... I write this not only as your daughter, but as one of the many who have had the pleasure of learning from you, growing from you, & loving you.

"You have taught me that, in a world of darkness, to always try to be a light.

"Anyone can see that you’re one hell of a football coach, but more importantly, you’re an even more remarkable man."

Lauren Dantonio goes on to tell fans that her dad isn't as stoic as he appears on the podium or the sidelines, and actually is quite funny.

You can check out highlights from that Dantonio press conference here, where, it's worth noting, The News' Matt Charboneau was one of the few reporters who asked the coach a question that drew a somewhat-lengthy response.

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