Michigan State reported Monday of 122 student-athletes tested July 20-24, 16 tested positive for COVID-19.

Four athletic department staff members also tested positive, according to a statement from the athletic department, in testing that took place at both campus and off-campus locations.

Monday's numbers include two staff members and one student-athlete who previously were announced to have tested positive from last week. On July 22, the football program entered a 14-day quarantine and isolation after a staff member tested positive for COVID-19.

The earliest the football team can return to workouts is Aug. 4.

"As part of the athletic department's return to campus policy, student-athletes have been asked to quarantine when coming into close contact with an individual who tests positive for COVID-19," the statement read. "The university has designated areas available to house individuals in quarantine as needed based upon the living arrangements for student-athletes.

"For the individuals who tested positive, daily check-ins with athletic training staff will continue while the individuals remain in isolation, with additional services provided as directed by the medical and administrative staffs. Further testing and physician follow-up will be required prior to returning to any level of workouts."

The athletic department has conducted more than 600 COVID-19 tests on individuals since the start of June, according to the release, including 524 on student-athletes, with 23 positive results.

Since June 15, there has been more than 100 tests on staff members, producing five positive results.

Student-athletes must receive two negative tests before they can return to workouts.