What's in MSU athletic director Alan Haller's contract?

The Detroit News

Alan Haller was unanimously approved by the board of trustees Wednesday as the 20th athletic director in Michigan State history.

Here's a breakdown of some details in the 51-year-old former Spartan defensive back's contract:

Alan Haller

►Term: 5 years

►Base salary: $800,000 annually

►Supplemental compensation: $100,000 per year

►Football, basketball bonus eligibility: $25,000 if football team wins Big Ten championship; $45,000 if it reaches the College Football Playoff; $75,000 for winning a national championship; men’s basketball conference title $25,000; Final Four appearance $35,000; national championship $60,000.

►Other bonus eligibility: For women’s basketball and men’s hockey $50,000 each for a national title; other sports $5,000 for a Big Ten championship, $25,000 for a national title.