Yahoo: MSU's Connor Cook a 'red-flag' player at combine

The Detroit News

Yahoo! Sports cites Michigan State quarterback Connor Cook  as one of the top 10 "red-flag" players heading into the NFL scouting combine Feb. 23-29 in Indianapolis.

The winner of the 2016 Johnny Unitas Golden Arm Award is listed among the player who have "character questions" by Yahoo’s Charles Robinson.

In Cook’s case, though, the author admits there are no glaring incidents:

“He has drawn the 'what do you hear about him?' question when it comes to NFL scouts. Almost all of this stems from him not being voted a team captain by teammates as a junior or senior, despite already being a successful quarterback.

“The junior year omission has some reasoning, as he wasn't in a pool of players eligible for the honor. His senior year omission was more eyebrow-raising. NFL teams aren't picking on Cook or treating him differently. It's an ironclad trigger when successful college quarterbacks don't attain captain status as upperclassmen.

"Teams want to know why. It's a league where teams want their quarterbacks to be clear-cut leaders, so captaincy is a big deal. Some NFL personnel departments were hoping to ask Cook about it during Senior Bowl week, but he declined an invite to the game. So those questions have gotten pushed to the combine.”

Cook finished his collegiate career as MSU's all-time winningest quarterback (34-5) while becoming the school leader in TD passes (71), passing yards (9,194) and offensive yards (9,403).

Connor Cook