Freshman Corley first WR taken in Green-White draft

Matt Charboneau
The Detroit News
Mark Dantonio watches over the Green-White game player draft on Tuesday.

East Lansing – Freshman wide receiver Donnie Corley has been wowing Michigan State’s coaching staff all spring.

And judging by Tuesday’s player draft, his teammates have been just as impressed, as they made the former Detroit King star the first receiver drafted for Saturday’s Green-White game.

The game is Saturday at 3 p.m. at Spartan Stadium.

The Spartans split the seniors into two teams, and those seniors then draft teams from the rest of the roster. Offensive linemen went first with junior Brian Allen going to the White team, but it was Corley’s selection when the wide receivers came up that confirmed his play over the last few weeks.

Corley went ahead of sophomore Felton Davis while fellow true freshman Cam Chambers was the fourth receiver selected. Redshirt freshman Darrell Stewart was taken fifth.

There were other interesting selections, to say the least, as the players don’t always see things the way the coaching staff might.

Donnie Corley

At defensive back, the White team went with sophomore cornerback Vayante Copeland before the Green snatched junior safety Montae Nicholson. After the White team then took sophomore safety Matt Morrissey, the Green went with sophomore cornerback Tyson Smith and declared it had the best secondary. Sophomore safety Jalen Watts-Jackson went to the White team two picks later.

Quarterbacks came after the wide receivers, and it was a bit of a surprise to see the Green team go with redshirt freshman Brian Lewerke ahead of junior Damion Terry, who was then selected by the White team. However, with fifth-year senior Tyler O’Connor on the Green team, it seems fitting the Nos. 1 and 2 quarterbacks will start for each team. True freshman Messiah deWeaver went to the White team.

Here’s the order that the players were selected (teams picked by seniors):


Offensive line

Brian Allen, Jr. – White

David Beedle, Soph. – Green

Dennis Finley, Jr. – White

Cole Chewins, R-Fr. – Green

Tyler Higby, R-Fr. – White

Devyn Salmon, Jr. – Green

Nick Padla, Soph. – White

Thiyo Lukusa, Fr. – Green

Casey Schreiner, Soph. – White

Collin Calfisch, R-Fr. – Green

Bryce Wilker, R-Fr. – White

Noah Listermann, R-Fr. – Green

Chase Gianacakos, Soph. -- White

Jeremy Schram, Soph. – Green

Tight end

Matt Sokol, Soph. – Green

Hussein Kadry, Jr. – White

Dylan Chmura, Jr. -- Green

Defensive line

Malik McDowell, Jr. – Green

Demetrius Cooper, Jr. – White

Raequan Williams, R-Fr. – Green

Kyonta Stallworth, R-Fr. – White

Dillon Alexander, Soph. -- Green

Gerald Owens, Soph. – White

Kenny Willekes, R-Fr. – Green

Justice Alexander, R-Fr. – White

Robert Bowers, Soph. – Green

Mufi Hunt, Fr. – White

Cassius Peat, R-Fr. -- Green

Enoch Smith, Jr. – White

Defensive back

Vayante Copeland, Soph. – White

Montae Nicholson, Jr. – Green

Matt Morrissey, Soph. – White

Tyson Smith, Soph. – Green

Khari Willis, Soph. – White

Jalen Watts-Jackson, Soph. – Green

David Dowell, R-Fr. – White

Josh Butler, R-Fr. – Green

Kaleel Gaines, R-Fr. – White

Kenney Lyke, Fr. – Green

Drake Martinez, Jr. – White

Nick Krumm, R-Fr. – Green


Jon Reschke, Jr. – Green

Andrew Dowell, Soph. – White

Chris Frey, Jr. – Green

Shane Jones, Jr. – White

Byron Bullough, Soph. – Green

Sean Harrington, Jr. – White

Grayson Miller, Soph. – Green

Tyriq Thompson, R-Fr. – White

T.J. Harrell, Soph. – Green

Joe Bachie, Fr. – White

Wide receiver

Donnie Corley, Fr. – White

Felton Davis, Soph. – Green

Brandon Sowards, Soph. – White

Cam Chambers, Fr. – Green

Darrell Stewart, R-Fr. – White

Sinclari Fairnholt, R-Fr. – Green

Austin Wolfe, Jr. – White

Robert Aiello, Jr. – Green

Davis Lewandowski, R-Fr. – White

Brock Makaric, Jr. – Green

Frank Epitropoulos, R-Fr. -- White


Brian Lewerke, R-FR. – Green

Damion Terry, Jr. – White

Messia deWeaver, Fr. – White

Colar Kuhns, Soph. -- Geen

Running back

L.J. Scott, Soph. – White

Madre London, Soph. – Green

Gerald Holmes, Jr. – Green


Collin Lucas, Soph. – White


Jake Hartbarger, Soph. – Green

Brett Scanlon, Jr. – White


Seniors were placed on teams prior to the draft. Here’s a breakdown by team:


QB: Tyler O’Connor

WR: Paul Andrie, Matt Macksood, Monty Madaris

TE: Jamal Lyles

OL: Kodi Kieler, Miguel Machado, Benny McGowan

DB: Demetrious Cox, Darian Hicks

DL: Damon Knox

K: Michael Geiger, Kevin Cronin


WR: Edward Barksdale, R.J. Shelton

RB: Nick Tompkins

FB: Delton Williams

TE: Josiah Price

OL: Brandon Clemons

DB: Jermaine Edmondson, Mark Meyers

LB: Riley Bullough, Ed Davis

DL: Evan Jones