Detroit — Bill Hancock saw the comments from Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh at the Big Ten media days — quotes that were loud and clear and widely reported.

Harbaugh said he wouldn’t mind seeing the College Football Playoff expand from the current four teams, to eight, and then, ultimately, 16.

Hancock, the CFP executive director, attended Tuesday’s Mid-American Conference football media day at Ford Field and was asked — often — about Harbaugh’s take. Running into college football fans every day, Hancock is used to it.

“One of the great things about college football is people have opinions,” Hancock said. “I wouldn’t have it any other way. We have a sport that people care about, so I always enjoy hearing people’s opinions.”

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Hancock said there’s no movement to add more teams to the current four.

“My personal opinion is, first of all, there’s no talk about expanding the playoff among the university presidents or the conference commissioners who run the CFP,” Hancock said. “The reason for that is, we have eight years on this contract, but second of all, four is the right number. It doesn’t add more games for the players, it doesn’t interfere with the academic calendar, and it decides the champion on the field.

“It keeps the focus on the regular season.”

For Hancock, that’s one of the great strengths of the current playoff system.

Unlike some other sports, where the regular season has been diluted, one of college football’s strengths is its regular season, where every game still matters.

“Really, the regular season is the playoff, unlike so many other sports that put all the marbles into a big post-season and the regular season doesn’t matter as much,” Hancock said. “We’ve decided to keep the focus on the regular season. We have the best regular season in sports and my felling is, if it ain’t broke, don’t monkey with it.”