Many Michigan basketball fans are familiar with the story of freshman Austin Hatch, who survived two plane crashes that killed his parents and two siblings.

On Friday morning, the “Today Show” aired a story by Maria Shriver, who sat down with Hatch to discuss his recovery and his spiritual foundation that has helped him move past the tragedies.

“If I would have thought of this situation before it happened to me, I wouldn’t have thought I could make it, either,” Hatch told Shriver. “I think it really comes down to character, being able to persevere in the midst of tragedy and adversity.”

Hatch suffered severe brain injuries as a result of the crashes and had to regain his coordination and relearn to walk. Doctors said Hatch might not walk again, but he’s worked his way through rehab and has achieved his dream of playing at Michigan.

Hatch, who is in Italy with the Wolverines on a four-game exhibition tour, has played in two games but hasn’t scored.

Watch the segment below or by clicking here: