Michigan made an additional $2 million from its lease with Relevent Sports, which promoted the soccer match between Manchester United and Real Madrid that set an attendance record at Michigan Stadium on Aug. 2.

According to the contract signed July 20 and obtained by The Detroit News through the Freedom of Information Act, Michigan also was paid $550,000 for the use of the stadium the day before the match for both team practices.

Combined with the lease agreement with the NHL to hold the Winter Classic between the Red Wings and Toronto Maple Leafs, another attendance record-setting event, on Jan. 1, Michigan made $5 million this year renting Michigan Stadium.

Michigan Stadium now holds the record for the largest attendance in the U.S. for a soccer game, the largest crowd to witness a hockey game and for the largest college football attendance.

There was an announced crowd of 109,318 to see Manchester United and Real Madrid. There were 105,491 for the Winter Classic, and 115,109 for the Michigan-Notre Dame game in 2013 for the college record.

Michigan athletic director Dave Brandon told The News after the soccer match that the stadium may host another next year.

“I know the promoters would like to talk to us about doing this again,” Brandon said. “We’ll consider it. We’ll have to go through all the approvals and checking on timing and the availability of the stadium, but the spectacle was terrific.”

Brandon said an estimated $25 million was generated for the Ann Arbor area. He said the stadium, which sits empty most of the year, could host other events.

“It would be good to have a big event once a year or every other year and stage a big event in the stadium, as long as it’s a big event,” he said. “I view these things as a wonderful opportunity to bring new people to the stadium.”