Large air show scheduled for Michigan game Saturday

The Detroit News
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An air show that includes 15 planes and helicopters will take place over Michigan Stadium on Saturday prior to the Wolverines' game against Utah.

The show, which will begin at approximately 3:15 p.m. (game starts at 3:30) celebrates the 100th anniversary of the University of Michigan Department of Aerospace Engineering -- the oldest aeronautical engineering education program in the United States.

Here are the aircraft in the show:

* Boeing Stearman PT-17A, a 1930s-era military trainer.

* North American Aviation P-51D Mustang, a World War II fighter craft.

* North American Aviation F-86F Sabre Jet.

* Boeing B-17, a WWII bomber.

* North American Aviation B-25 Mitchell Bomber, a carrier-based WWII bomber.

* North American Aviation F-100F Super Sabre.

* Lockheed Electra, the aircraft Amelia Earhart piloted in her around-the-world attempt.

* Five Beechcraft T-34s -- military aircraft trainers.

* University of Michigan Survival Flight Eurocopter EC-155.

* Enstrom 408B, a helicopter designed and built in the Upper Peninsula.

* McMahon Helicopter Sikorsky Heavy Lift Model S58T.

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