Shane Morris situation addressed on national news show

The Detroit News

Michigan quarterback Shane Morris remaining in Saturday's game against Minnesota after taking a vicious hit and possibly suffering a concussion is drawing national attention.

ABC's "World News Tonight" produced a segment on the situation and it was posted on YouTube on Sunday night.

During the game, Morris took a hard helmet-to-chin hit from Minnesota's Theiren Cockran. Morris was dazed and grabbed tackle Ben Braden to steady himself. He remained in the game and attempted another pass before exiting the field.

"It is appalling that he was left in on that play," ESPN analyst Ed Cunningham said during the broadcast.

Devin Gardner came into the game next at quarterback, but he had to leave the field after losing his helmet. That's when Morris was sent back into the game.

"This isn't good player management," Cunningham said. "This is atrocious to me."

After the game, coach Brady Hoke said he didn't know Morris might have suffered a head injury.