A selection of what people around the country are saying about Michigan football and Shane Morris' concussion.

"Hoke could be fired for his coaching failures, as Michigan has become a shell of itself. But the irresponsible actions of leaving a concussed quarterback on the field, then putting him back out there, are unacceptable. That trumps any loss in the Big House.

Blame Brandon, too, who should also be shown the door. The Wolverines have become a Big Ten punch line. Offering two free game tickets for a purchase of Coke products was bad, but Brandon's rock bottom was still a long way down. The athletic director likely won't cave on Hoke until the money stops coming in from donors and ticket sales."

— Chris Emma,

"Hoke is finished, unless he mounts a Lloyd Carr-esque salvage operation and beats Michigan State and Ohio State. Those hoping for Brandon to join him may be disappointed. Stephen Ross, who donates more money than the rest of the Michigan fan base combined, likes the cut of Brandon's jib. Brandon, for better or worse, will be hiring Michigan's next coach, who probably will not be a Harbaugh."

— Ty Duffy, USA Today

"Give Hoke the benefit of the doubt. But given the concern over head trauma in football, the sight of a woozy quarterback continuing to play is scary. The idea that Hoke did not see Morris stumble, then grab a teammate to keep from crumpling to the ground, is inexplicable.

What happened smacked of denial and desperation and incompetency— and maybe, of resignation — all melded together. That sequence is not the reason Hoke should go. But the image will endure as the moment when everything crystallized."

— George Schroeder, USA Today

"(Hoke) was asked Monday if he would wear a headset in the future to be more clued-in about potential injuries.

'No, thank you,' he said, clearly annoyed.

Whether the headset matters or not, the image does. So does the image of Morris stumbling into offensive lineman Ben Braden after taking a blow to the head. And so does the image of Hoke going on the defensive with the media.

All these images form a bigger picture and a question: Should Hoke be the face of Michigan football?

If things don't improve quickly, it's hard to see him moving forward as CEO."

— Adam Rittenberg |