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Frank Clark kicked off UM team after hotel incident

Angelique S. Chengelis
The Detroit News

Frank Clark was a four-year contributor to Michigan’s team.

Ann Arbor – Michigan senior defensive end Frank Clark has been kicked off the team following a violent confrontation with his girlfriend over the weekend in Ohio.

Clark, arrested on misdemeanor charges of domestic violence and assault involving his girlfriend Diamond Hurt during an incident at a hotel in Sandusky, Ohio, entered a not-guilty plea in court Monday morning.

Michigan coach Brady Hoke, at his weekly news conference Monday, said he was informed of the situation with Clark early Sunday morning. He has not yet spoken to Clark.

Hoke said "there was no decision to be made," and that he has a zero tolerance for domestic abuse.

"After getting all the facts that we could get and I could get, I made a decision to dismiss Frank Clark from the program," Hoke said Monday. "What was reported is unacceptable. It's not what we want here associated with our program. I know in the statement (issued earlier Monday) I talked about it being tragic. Domestic abuse is tragic. It's tragic on a national scale. We all need to do something about. Being a husband, being a father, having two sisters, it's a message I send strongly to our football team about how we will handle ourselves with women."

Hoke said he wanted to make sure he had all the information before making a decision, wanting "to make sure we were correct in everything we were doing."

He wants to speak to Clark at some point.

Frank Clark's girlfriend, Diamond Hurt, showed visible injuries to her cheek and neck, police said.

"I'll talk to him sometime, there's no question about it," Hoke said. "I look forward to talking to him."

Clark posted bond and was released from Erie County Jail Monday afternoon. Clark entered a not guilty plea on both charges, according to a report by the Sandusky Register.

The arresting officer wrote in his report that there were visible marks and injuries to Hurt's face and neck. Clark was jailed in Erie County Jail and held without bond before his hearing. Photos of Hurt's injuries were released.

According to a police report prepared by Perkins Township police and obtained by The Detroit News, Clark, Hurt and several members of Hurt's family were interviewed regarding the incident. Office Martin Curran prepared the police report at 10:32 p.m. after interviewing all involved at the Maui Sands Resort.

Clark told Curran "he does not lie to his coaches, and he would not lie to the police," and he also told Curran, when asked what was going on, said "not much, a disturbance. You can call it what you want."

He then told the officer to look at his face and then look at Hurt's face.

"I didn't do (expletive) to her, I didn't touch that woman, she is a woman," Clark said, according to Curran's police report. "

Clark was asked how the incident started.

"I don't know what they do, what they go through, I don't know what she is going through, I know she is going through some crazy fits, and she may be pregnant," Clark said in the report.

Clark did not respond when asked why the police were called to the hotel room. A witness said police were called because there was a fight in the room and to observe Clark's nose.

"Look at me, I'm a big guy, do you think I'd let someone bust me in the nose," Clark told Curran.

Clark was asked for identification, was patted down and Curran smelled alcohol "emanating from his person." Clark told the officer he had been drinking.

An employee of the hotel then took the officers to the hotel room. She informed the officers that the front desk received a phone call from the guest staying in room next to Clark's saying it sounded "like a head was being bounced off the wall." The guest also said that small children ran from the room and said "Frank is killing our sister."

Upon entering the room, Curran saw a broken lamp in pieces on the table next to the bed and also noticed a lamp on a hallway wall also was damaged.

Curran wrote that Hurt, who was in the room, had a large welt on the left side of her cheek and blood near the left side of her temple.

A younger brother of Hurt's told Curran that he saw Clark hitting his sister. The brother became emotional as he spoke to the officer. An older brother of Hurt's said when he got out of the shower, after being alerted by the younger brother, he said Clark had Hurt "up against the wall." He said she was trying to fight back and Clark "grabbed her by the throat, picked her up off the ground and slammed her to the ground while also landing on top of her."

Hurt told Curran that she and Clark were on the bed and began to argue. She said she had been short tempered, got mad and threw the television remote at him.

That's when, she said, "Frank tried restraining her on the bed and that is when she bit his nose," Curran wrote. "She advised he then pushed her head down into the bed and then they both got off the bed. She advised Frank then punched her in the face and she fell back breaking the lamp. She stated she then threw an alarm clock at him and he was trying to gather his belongings to leave. I asked if Frank had been drinking tonight and she stated yes. I asked her how much and she stated she did not know. (Her brother) then stated at least a fifth of Hennessy."

Hurt said she had not been drinking and took a breath test, which registered .000.

Curran followed up with Hurt on Sunday. She said she did go to the hospital to have her cheek looked at.

"She stated she didn't realize how swollen her cheek was until after we left last night," Curran wrote. "She stated she did hit her cheek on the end table and her cheek is black and blue today."

In Ohio, a conviction for the first-degree misdemeanor could carry up to six months in jail and/or a fine up to $1,000.

Clark is a senior and was considered a team leader. He appeared with fifth-year senior quarterback Devin Gardner last Wednesday as fill-ins for Hoke on Hoke's weekly radio show.

Michigan did not have a game this past weekend.

Two years ago, Clark pleaded guilty to a felony second-degree home invasion charge. He had stolen a laptop from another student's dorm room that June and was suspended for Michigan's season opener that season.

He was sentenced in November 2012 under the Holmes Youthful Training Act because he was under 21, and the conviction was to be removed from his record if he fulfilled a year of probation.