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Hoke says he hasn't heard from Hackett about evaluation

Angelique S. Chengelis
The Detroit News

Columbus, Ohio – As far as Michigan coach Brady Hoke knows, he remains the football coach.

There has been considerable speculation about Hoke's job security for weeks, even since before the season, when he was considered nationally to be a coach on the "hot seat."

Hoke's fourth year ended on Saturday with a 42-28 loss at Ohio State. The Wolverines finished 5-7.

He was asked about his future after the OSU loss.

"What I know is I'm going to be the football coach at Michigan," Hoke said.

Next season, he was asked.

"Yeah," Hoke said.

Hoke was asked if he has been told that.

"That's what I know right now," he said.

But when asked if he knows definitively about his future and whether there is a timetable to determine what's next, he said he didn't know.

"We just got done playing a game," Hoke said.

Jim Hackett is Michigan's interim athletic director, appointed by university president Mark Schlissel when Dave Brandon was pressured to resign. Hackett told reporters last week before the final home game at Michigan Stadium that he will evaluate Hoke and the program at the end of the season, and then more specifically said after the Ohio State game.

The Wolverines are not going to a bowl and the Ohio State game is over. Hoke said he does not have a meeting scheduled with Hackett.

It is no secret that Michigan under Hoke has lost more games each season, from 11-2 in 2011 to 5-7 this season. He said Saturday the program is headed in the right direction.

"I know it is, because of the youth we have on our football team," he said. "(There are) 56 guys on our two-deep and 50 of them are coming back. (When) we were 11-2, we had 15th fifth-year seniors. We had three this year. There's a lot to be said when you look at maturity of your team experience-wise."

By not making a bowl game, Michigan misses out on valuable practice time.

"That's stinks, and that's disappointing for all of us," Hoke said. "It stinks for a lot of reasons -- expectations you haven't met them as a program. The other part is what you get out of extra work."

Earlier this week, Hoke was asked if he could evaluate his four seasons at Michigan. He declined, saying the Monday of Michigan-Ohio State week wasn't the right time, but added he would do so at an upcoming press conference he coyly referenced. Michigan, as of now, does not have a football news conference scheduled either to discuss the season or what's next with the program.

Hoke was asked after the Ohio State loss if he could make that evaluation regarding his four seasons.

"Let me think about that a little bit," he said.