Forbes: UM football program ranked third in value

The Detroit News

The block M may also stand for money.

Michigan ranks third among most valuable college football teams in 2014, according to a Forbes report. UM has a team value of $117 million, which includes $91 million in revenue and $65 million in profit.

Hosting just one more home game than the year before helped Michigan increase team revenue by $10 million, the report noted.

Michigan State tied with South Carolina at No. 16 at $72 million. The Spartans football program generated $53 million in revenue and saw $26 million in profit, which was due to the team's Rose Bowl participation.

Texas was No 1 on the list with a value of $131 million followed by Notre Dame at $122 million.

At No. 9, Ohio State ($87 million) was the only other Big Ten team in the top 10.