Quick Q&A with Michigan basketball player Max Bielfeldt:

Question: You've been patiently awaiting your opportunity. Are you having more fun this year than in years past?

Bielfeldt: "I'm having more fun and playing more. With the hip surgery, I'm just feeling better with general cuts and jumps. Basketball is a lot more fun when you land and it doesn't hurt."

Question: Your calves have become legendary. How did that whole thing start?

Bielfeldt: "It was (ESPN analyst) Dan Dakich. He made it a thing on TV. I was making a joke the other day that it's a good sign that I'm playing better when after a game ... back in the day 80 percent of the Tweets were about my calves and now only 20 percent are about my calves. That means I'm playing a little better."

Question: Your shoes are specially made. How does that work?

Bielfeldt: "They're size 16 shoes. Just the way shoes are going these days, they're all trying to get lighter, smaller and skinnier, and guys like me that don't have a light, small and skinny foot; it doesn't work too well. I just adapted and they gave me a different (shoe) mold like Tim Duncan's mold, a little wider foot just to adapt to that."

Question: So they're special order?

Bielfeldt: "I tried working on their mold for a couple years and it gave me some foot problems, to add on to the other injuries, so it wasn't working too well."

Question: You're one of two upperclassmen playing now. How has your role as a leader evolved?

Bielfeldt: "Three was already a small number; two is even less. You have to talk to the guys more, whether it's going from drill to drill. Back in high school, they might not have realized you need to jog to a drill to keep the energy up. ... When you only have two guys that have been here for more than a year, you have to say it more than do it. You have to instill it more in them."