Quick Q&A with Michigan center Max Bielfeldt

Rod Beard
The Detroit News

Max Bielfeldt is the only senior on Michigan's roster, which features six freshmen. After being injured his first year and playing sparingly the last two, Bielfeldt has been a regular in the rotation. He got his first start in last weekend's victory over Rutgers and had his first career double-double (14 points, 11 rebounds).

Bielfeldt has another year of eligibility remaining, and could return to Michigan or play a fifth year at another school.

Question: How was senior day?

Bielfeldt: "I didn't get too emotional about it; I tried to keep a level head and just be excited."

Q. What has this year done for you as far as your enjoyment of the game?

Bielfeldt: "It's the fact that having the surgery and my body feeling better. You love the game but the game's not loving you; the game's making you hurt. With me feeling a lot better and getting the opportunities this year, it's pretty cool. It's exciting and it does bring the love of the game back."

Q. Have you completely shut the door about being here next year. Is this game a chance for you to state your case (to return to Michigan)?

Bielfeldt: "I haven't shut any doors. I just want to finish the season as strong as I can. That's what I've done my whole life. I was a late recruit here after I had a great senior year of high school. I was focused on playing as well as I could and that's how I ended up here. I just want to focus on playing as well as I can because I know if I can do that, the best options will open up."

Q. If offered, are you interested in coming back to Michigan?

Bielfeldt: "When I was offered by Illinois and Michigan, I never just jumped on one. I'm the guy who likes to think things off and think of the big picture. Obviously, this would be at the top of my list. I wouldn't just jump on it — that's not who I am."

Q. Is there any negative reason you wouldn't want to come back if you were offered a scholarship?

Bielfeldt: "I can't think of anything off the top of my head. I have great friends here and it's a great program. There's nothing glaring to say that I'm not coming back here."

Q. Is there another place that you've always dreamed about playing?

Bielfeldt: "There are really no other dream spots. I'm not the dreamy, best-school type. That's just not me. I just want to weigh out my options."

Q. Is this one of those days that you'll always remember?

Bielfeldt: "Playing in Crisler with all my best friends and the fact that everyone played so well was such a positive day for so many people is what you love to see."

Q. Did you take time to look around the building and gather any cool memories?

Bielfeldt: "It was about the game. I looked around a little in the crowd but I wasn't taking mental picture. It was good."