Harbaugh coaches Winston on interviews in 'Draft Academy'

The Detroit News
Jameis Winston throws at the NFL combine.

Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh will appear on two national networks tonight – HBO is profiling Harbaugh in a "Real Sports" segment, and he also will be featured on ESPN's "Draft Academy."

Harbaugh and Michigan assistant Jedd Fisch, the pass game coordinator and receivers/quarterbacks coach, appear in "Draft Academy" prepping former Florida State quarterback Jameis Winston for the team meetings at the NFL combine.

A portion of the show appeared on ESPN's SportsCenter on Tuesday.

"My mindset going into this as a coach, is it's not going to be confrontational," Harbaugh tells Winston. "If I think you're (a jerk), then I'll let someone else deal with you. I'm not going to get into some kind of confrontation with you and try to teach you anything in one of these meetings. But that's basically what you're trying to find out – is he (a jerk) or not."

Harbaugh asked Winston a series of questions about whether he was disciplined during his high school and college football careers. Winston said FSU suspended him for the Clemson game last season for "standing up on a table and saying something wrong," and added that's the only time he was disciplined.

"Whatever the situation, address it, boom, don't go on and on," Harbaugh said.

Fisch, who can be seen in the background taking notes along with George Whitfield, the well-known quarterback coach, then chimed in that Winston must be more forthcoming regarding the incident a year ago when he shoplifted crabs from a Publix Market.

"You left it out when coach asked – I wouldn't leave it out," Fisch said. "Whatever that whole theft thing was at Publix or whatever it might have been, I don't know the whole thing, I just know ... that's like the elephant in the room for you. Everyone is going to know what happened, so don't by accident only talk about the BB gun and your high school coach crying and forget about the fact that everybody (knew) about that incident That looks you're covering it up or hiding."

Harbaugh agreed and told Winston he should be contrite.

"(Tell them), 'I screwed up, I've learned from it,'" Harbaugh said. "Be serious as a heart attack."