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Michigan football program to assist Detroit youth

Detroit News staff

The Michigan football program will hold a "Youth Impact Program" July 6-18 that will benefit and assist at-risk boys from economically disadvantaged neighborhoods in Detroit.

The program, announced Thursday, is designed to align with the values of coach Jim Harbaugh that he instills in his players.

"We are excited to have our football program working and associated with the Youth Impact Program," Harbaugh said. "This will be a tremendous growth opportunity for the youngsters participating in this program. It will also provide an opportunity for our student-athletes to learn valuable leadership skills as mentors, coaches and teachers."

Coach Harbaugh, the coaching staff and sophomore student-athletes will work alongside members of the U.S. Marine Corps and local educators to teach life skills, football, language arts and STEM-based curriculum (Sciences, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics).

The program identified 100 boys in the sixth, seventh and eighth grades in Detroit and will work alongside members of the Marines and educators to teach life skills, educate and help provide discipline and direction for at-risk youth.